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BD Diesel Traction Bar Kit # 1032130 Prevents Wheel Hop for your 2003-2017 Dodge 2500/3500

   BD Diesel part # 1032130, via Marken Performance, is a Traction Bars Kit that fits 2003-2017 Dodge 2500/3500 w/o OEM Rear Airbags.

* 2-inch OD tube with QA1 3/4-inch heavy duty American 28,000 lbs rod ends
* Prevents wheel hop, axle wrap and large angles on U-joints
* No adjustment is needed when pulling or hauling
* Designed for trucks ranging from a 6-inch lift all the way to a 2-inch drop
* Polyurethane bushings provide direct loading without excessive movement unlike spring loaded designs
* Optimized to arc in the same path the axle travels during suspension movement which makes for a smooth ride and the ability to tow without having to adjust the bars
* No welding required
* All necessary hardware and Rivet-nut specific drill bit and tool included
* 54-inch eye-to-eye length
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