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   MSD Blaster SS ignition coil is almost half the size of a regular canister cylindrical coil, yet produces 40,000 volts @ 300 milliamps when used with a MSD series 6 ignition.  The Blaster SS is available in black (part # 82073) or red via Marken Performance and can be mounted upside down or sideways. The secondary windings are wound on a segmented bobbin which reduces the chance of voltage breakdown between the primary and secondary windings.  For more protection, these windings are encased in a polyurethane compound for complete protection against vibration. The Blaster SS features brass terminals and a sturdy Rynite housing.  It is supplied with a 90° boot, terminal and vibration mounts.  A great addition to CD Ignitions and some stock applications. 

   If installing the Blaster SS Coil to a points distributor or a non-current limiting ignition system without an MSD Ignition, a 0.8 ohm ballast resistor is required (MSD # 8214). The resistor should wire in series along with any factory resistors on the positive coil wire. 


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