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   Moving the battery to the rear of the car also allows the weight of the battery and its associated mounting hardware to act as a ballast. This improves the car’s launch and acceleration characteristics. Moving weight off the nose of the car and to the rear also improves weight transfer on deceleration, thus reducing brake dive. Moving the battery to the rear will generally give you a one or two percent improvement in the car’s weight distribution. All of these parts can be purchased from Marken Performance.

   First is Mr. Gasket’s battery box kit (trunk mounted) for up to 12 in long batteries, part # 6279.  Includes a plastic battery case molded from polyethylene, battery hold-down and brackets, 20' of 2 ga. stranded copper battery cable, 4 lugs, a pair of cable ends and related hardware. Case measures 12" x 6 3/4" x 10" high. Bulk packaged.  This battery box is a must for all high performance applications. This allows the weight to be put where it is needed, on the rear of the car for proper weight transfer. Putting the battery in the rear is also great for safety reasons and giving you more room in the engine compartment. 

   Although the above kit comes with wire, Accel’s Lightning Cable, part number 1846, is a cable that is approximately 50 percent lighter in weight without sacrificing any electrical current carrying capability or performance.  This lightweight battery cable uses copper-clad aluminum in place of stranded copper.  

   Since we’re using the Mr Gasket battery box, Optima has a battery that is a vent-free style. Not only will this Redtop 35 battery allow us to meet NHRA safety requirements for its placement in the trunk, but it will also supply us with reliable starting power.   With 720 cold cranking amps on board this battery will easily start our stock 5.0 engine.  Optima uses heavy lead castings to transfer battery energy between each cell which is advantageous over the more commonly used welded plates used in some flooded battery designs. This allows for greater energy flow into and out of the battery.  Optima have shown that batteries that are kept fully charged last up to twice as long.

   For more info, installation and pics along with cut-off switch, click on:  ARTICLE  

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