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   Lucas Oil #11096 is a Deep Clean spray via Marken Performance that you spray in to throttle body in Gasoline Direct Injection engines. It is designed to remedy and prevent problems associated with the harmful carbon deposits (especially from the EGR gases that are recirculated in to the intake manifold).  Carbon deposits collected rapidly, sometimes in under 5,000 miles.  The product is sprayed directly into the air intake system via throttle body with a concentrated formula which remarkably can possibly generate a 50% reduction in carbon deposits in the engine according to our tests if used as directed.  The results will restore horsepower and torque while also improving an engine’s fuel economy. Deep Clean GDI is also effective with port fuel injection engines.

   Lucas Oil Low Viscosity Stabilizer # 11097 was specifically designed to amplify the life and performance of a modern engine that uses lower viscosity engine oils.  The product improves fuel economy and power by reducing the level of friction which improves any premium quality motor oil.  It is a multifunctional oil additive which reduces friction for more power and fuel economy, improves dispersancy to fight carbon deposits, sludge and varnish and contains antioxidants to help motor oil resist thermal breakdown. Above all, it reduces wear, extending the life of the engine.


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