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       Holley Anodized Billet LS Throttle Bodies:  
 • TPS clocker (patent pending) allows the TPS to be rotated back into the ECU’s required idle voltage range. Modified engines no longer suffer from  problems related to TPS voltage!
 • Idle bleed allows adjustment of your idle without affecting throttle position or TPS voltages at idle!
 • PCV passage valve closes to accommodate forced induction applications!
 • Cruise control provision built in for cruise control cable
 • Fits the following intake manifolds: Stock LS2, Stock LS3, Stock LS7, Holley LS Mid-Rise, Holley 95mm Hi-Ram, Fast™ LSX, Edelbrock Pro-Flo XT using 4 bolt TBs & most other 90 through 95mm LS intakes using 4 bolt TBs
         Part Numbers with description:
# 112-589 Billet 90mm LS Throttle Body w/low RPM Taper 
# 112-585 Billet 95mm LS Throttle Body w/low RPM Taper 
# 112-581 Billet 105mm LS Throttle Body w/low RPM Taper 
# 112-583 Billet 105mm LS Throttle Body w/straight bore
    Holley Efi Multi-Port 1000 CFM Throttle Body for Race.  Part # 112-602 Universal race series 4bbl 1000CFM Throttle body with 4150 flange. 
 • 1-3/4” throttle bore 
 • Integrated TPS, IAC, and Air Temperature Sensor 
 • Hi Flow IAC passages for large cubic inch engines for idle stability 
 • Uses a non-contact magnetic hall effect TPS sensor 
 • Includes (1) 3/8” and (1) 3/16” full manifold vacuum ports
 • PTFE coated throttle shaft rides in oil impregnated bronze bushing for smooth actuation • Dedicated race only throttle lever
 • Stainless steel adjustable secondary link; factory set to 1:1 actuation
 • High quality die cast aluminum for strength and weight reduction
   Holley EFI Multi-Port 1000 CFM Throttle Body for the street/strip.  Part # 112-587 Cast MPFI Throttle Body in Hard Core Gray™ with 4150 flange.  Part # 112-588 Cast MPFI Throttle Body Tumble Polished with 4150 flange. 
 • Integrated TPS, IAC, and Air Temp Sensor 
 • Hi Flow IAC passages for large cubic inch engines for idle stability 
 • Ford Transmission kick down lever
 • Integrated GM 700R4 transmission kick down location (no adapters needed) 
 • All necessary vacuum ports (1) timed spark, (2) 3/8" and (2) 3/16" full  manifold vacuum ports 
 • 1.75" throttle plates mounted to PTFE coated throttle shafts for high flow  and a smooth operation 
   Holley High End Race Series 4500 Throttle Bodies.  Part # 112-592 is 4500 Big Dual w/ EFI fuel rails.  Part # 112-593 is 4500 Big Dual “Dry” (not machined for injectors). 
 • Lightweight billet design (4500 pattern)
 • Dual throttle blades for maximum airflow 
 • Shafts ride on roller bearings for ultra-smooth throttle actuation.
 • Flows 2550 CFM 
 • Versions with and without supplemental injector provisions (4 injectors per TB and rails)
 • Non-contact magnetic TPS sensor  
   Holley part # 112-590 is a 105 MM Mono blade throttle body, V-band style.  Part # 112-591 is a 105 MM Mono blade throttle body with Dual o-ring style.  Both are for Race applications. 
 • Lightweight billet design (3.5” square bolt pattern) 
 • Adjustable idle and WOT stops 
 • Includes billet adapter for 4” tubing 
 • Indexable throttle lever for a variety of installations 
 • Non-contact magnetic TPS sensor 
 • 2 versions: V-band or dual o-ring connections 
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