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AutoMeter DashLink Transforms Your Cell Phone or Tablet to Gauges + More

   The runner-up 2016 SEMA award winner for “Mobile Electronics Product” is DashLink from AutoMeter.  DashLink is an interface that allows you to access your vehicle information thru the 1996 and newer OBDII port and let’s you display gauges on your mobile device (cell phone, tablet) + more.  Download and install the AutoMeter DashLink App to your mobile device and install the DashLink device to your OBDII port.  AutoMeter part # 6032, via Marken Performance, is the Dashlink device needed to connect to your Android mobile device.  AutoMeter part # 6035, via Marken Performance, is the Dashlink device needed to connect to your Apple (iOS) mobile device.  Perform a Bluetooth Scan.  “AutoMeter DashLink” will appear as an Available Device.  Select it and pair your device.  Once connected, the Blue Bluetooth Light will be illuminated on the DashLink Dongle and a green ring will appear on the Connect Button on the App.  The OBD Light and APP Light will both blink, signifying a data link is established between the Dongle and the Mobile Device.  Explore the DashLink App for your vehicles performance with AutoMeter Gauges, Performance Dashboards & more.  Now you can monitor vehicle and engine performance, air/fuel ratios, tracking fuel economy levels, reading and clearing vehicle trouble codes, managing check engine lights, data logging, customization for many different gauges/parameters.

   Video below is full screen capable:


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