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  Now converting from carburetor to EFI is easier with Holley’s new EFI systems and it also adds a little more race character to the engine bay. Order yours from Marken Performance, Kitchener. 

 The Holley EFI kits are available in 4 bbl throttle body, 4 bbl multiport and what Holley calls the Stealth Ram style EFI:

 4 bbl throttle body injection is the closest to carburetion in the way that it operates as fuel is injected above the throttle plates and the mixture of air and fuel travels throughout the entire intake tract before entering each individual combustion chamber upon engine demand (except for the Terminator, which is below the throttle plates!).

 The 4 bbl Multi-Port Fuel Injection (MPFI) kits comes with an intake manifold and the fuel is injected at each intake port in the intake manifold, just above the cylinder head. Because air alone travels through the intake tract until the last moment when an atomized fuel spray is injected into the airstream, the potential for using superchargers and turbo chargers is much greater, depending on the application and intake design.
 Holley’s Stealth Ram EFI system utilizes a ram air tunnel, which is pretty impressive looking, but is designed for higher RPM applications without compromising on the midrange torque and power.  
 From street easy to full race – these new systems cover everything from simple throttle body systems all the way to the latest twin turbo or nitrous outlaw engines. Want to run an LSx engine with drive by wire and an electronic transmission? Holley has you covered!  Advanced technology and innovative solutions allowed Holley to develop these new user–friendly yet sophisticated ECU packages. Breakthrough features like self–tuning strategies, hand–held programmers, and striking touch screens bring Holley to the forefront of the EFI market.


   Terminator™ Efi  Fuel Injection System fits all standard 4150 square flange intake manifolds. Connections for Ford, GM TH350 and 700R4, and other transmission linkages. Does NOT include fuel pump, fuel lines, regulator or filters.   Hard Core Gray™  Part # 550-406.   Tumble Polished Part # 550-405.    

Terminator Kit Includes:  950 cfm throttle body with 80 lb/hr fuel injectors, Terminator ECU, handheld programmer, wiring & all sensors.

“The throttle body is based on our NASCAR design,” says Holley’s Bill Tichenor, Holley designed the throttle body using the same venturi inlet configuration found on its NASCAR EFI throttle bodies and also with extensive use of CFD analysis. The sensors are integrated into the throttle body and are prewired for simple hookup to the wiring harness. Underneath, there’s a patent-pending annular discharge fuel ring to improve fuel atomization.

More Info and see Jets Underneath: VIDEO        Holley Web Info

 ClickMe to watch Chuck Hanson install Holley's brand new Terminator EFI system on his '70 Chevelle.

There are 2 different multi-port packages available: 1)  Avenger EFI systems comes with up to 1000 cfm throttle body, Avenger ECU, intake manifold, handheld programmer and all installation components including wiring harness, sensors and in-line pump. Return fuel line to tank is not included.  2) HP Multi–Point efi systems include: up to 2000 cfm billet throttle body, HP ECU, intake manifold, wiring harness, fuel rails, and related small parts. Fuel pump and Injectors are available separately to fit your requirements.  


 Avenger EFI systems come with all installation components including wiring harness, sensors and in-line pump. Return fuel line to tank is not included. Whether you have a stock engine, crate or custom–built engine, Avenger Multi–Point systems can help you maximize performance and the Avenger's self–tuning capabilities will get you to the cruise or race in no time. Avenger Multi–Point systems include: intake manifold, up to 1000 cfm billet throttle body, Avenger ECU, wiring harness, fuel rails, injectors, fuel pump and related small parts. Set up is done on the included hand–held tuner so no laptop is required!








 Holley's Top HP Multi–Point Systems include: intake manifold, billet throttle body up to 2000 cfm, ECU, wiring harness, fuel rails, and related small parts. Fuel pump and Injectors are available separately to fit your requirements. Holley HP EFI systems are equipped with 4 programmable inputs and 4 programmable outputs that are ideal for most vehicles with a single power adder. This feature allows the user to configure the system to support a wide range of controls including boost control, progressive nitrous, water/meth injection, speed inputs, fuel pump control, AC inputs, timing retard inputs and various other uses. When selecting an ECU, users need to ensure their planned controls can be run with the 4 inputs and 4 outputs as certain combinations may use more I/Os than are available. If more I/Os are required, users should choose the Dominator VMS. MPFI Systems do not include Injectors or a fuel pump. They need to be sized for the application and can be purchased separately from Holley.  


 Dominator® EFI Vehicle Management Systems are intended for all engine applications, from street to unlimited high–end racing applications. Dominator® systems have nearly unlimited capabilities to control any power adder, input, or output you can throw at them. Need to run a turbocharged, nitrous injected 8 cylinder running water–methanol injection? No problem with Dominator® EFI. How about control a 4L60E transmission as well as the fuel and spark on your street rod? No problem. There are also enough inputs and outputs to allow the Dominator® VMSs to serve as their own data acquisition and control module. The Dominator® VMS will eliminate the need for additional Controllers as they are all contained in this one unit. Dominator EFI systems are sold “Build to Order”.

   Dominator Article 


 Stealth Ram is available for traditional or Vortec headed SB Chevys. Simply utilize a laptop (or the optional 5.7” full color touch screen LCD) along with the self–tuning capabilities of the ECU to make it easy as 1, 2, 3 to get your car up and running with EFI. The tunnel ram design of the Stealth Ram™ builds power in the upper RPM while maintaining excellent mid–range torque as well. Stealth Ram™ systems include: intake manifold, billet throttle body, ECU, wiring harness, fuel rails and related small parts. Fuel pump and Injectors should be selected separately to fit your requirements.



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