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 This new EFI E-Street system from Edelbrock offers you different options such as not having to remove the fuel tank by the addition of a sump system where you take the feed line from the old carburetor to the new sump and then it is pumped from there.  It also includes a wireless bluetooth 7" Touch Screen Tablet to control the ECU.  The tablet is already sync’d with the ECU when it is shipped, so when the unit is turned on it’s ready to go and it is flexible for engine upgrades.

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 EFI Kit # 3600       Sump Pump

Returnless-Style Fuel Kit  # 3604:  This kit includes everything needed to upgrade a carbureted fuel system to a high pressure EFI system, excluding the fuel tank. This kit is a return-style and will complete the fuel system loop by returning unsued fuel to the tank. Kit includes a fuel pump, regulator, filter, Russell Twist-Lok hose, hose ends, mounting brackets and hardware. A baffled fuel tank is recommend to prevent fuel starvation. This system is rated for engines up to 650 hp.

Universal Fuel Reservoir Kit # 3605:  This Universal Fuel Reservoir Kit is designed to provide the necessary high fuel pressure required for EFI applications in vehicles equipped with low pressure carbureted fuel systems.  It's a complete self-contained system that can be installed under the hood of any vehicle easily. The unique design of this system allows it to deliver a constant fuel pressure of 60 psi, which is necessary to operate an EFI system and will not require a fuel return line. This kit is intended to be used with the existing factory fuel tank and low pressure pump. The kit includes the fuel reservoir tank with high pressure pump and regulator pre-installed, mounting bracket, hose, fittings and all of the necessary hardware for installation.  

This is a Plug'n Play Unit with no Tuning Experience needed. If your not comfortable with the installation, Marken Performance would be happy to install it for you.



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