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  These intakes and exhaust from AFE will help get the most out of your Toyota Tacoma 4.0 ltr truck.  Order yours today from Marken Performance.

  Intakes: # 54-81162 for 2005-2009,11 V6 4.0 ltr Toyota Tacoma.  # 51-82342 for 2012-2013 V6 4.0 ltr Toyota Tacoma.  Both yield +13 Hp and +21 TQ.  The sealed housing features an auxiliary air inlet scoop that allows for increased air volume into the intake for increased performance and improved throttle response.  The filter is constructed with 100% polyurethane for long life and multiple cleaning cycles. 

 Exhaust # 49-46013 for 2005-2013 V6 4.0 ltr Toyota Tacoma yields +6 HP, +7 TQ. 

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