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   The new Centerforce hydraulic release bearing (part # 601825) fits 2005-2010 Mustangs 4.6L & 5.4L V8’s as well as the 4.0L V6.  It is compatible with Centerforce clutches as well as other OE-replacement and performance-aftermarket brands.  This hydraulic release bearing provides the appropriate amount of force needed to disengage the clutch.
   Clutches in 2005-2010 Mustangs tend to take a lot of abuse, and their throwout bearings also feel the pain. When replacing or upgrading the existing clutch, it’s common sense to replace the throwout bearing (clutch release bearing) at the same time.
   The modular V-8 found in the 2005-2010 Mustang is capable of producing prodigious amounts of horsepower and torque — particularly now that the aftermarket is running absolutely wild with it.  

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