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   Readylift new 6 inch performance suspension system is designed specifically for the 2014-15 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD short bed trucks with diesel engines and will allow for increased tire packages up to 37×13.50 and 9.5″ wide wheel sizes from 17-20″ diameters.  This kit, as well as rims and tires, can be both purchased and installed through Marken Performance.  Black Satin finish version with 4 Bilstein 5125 shocks is part # 49-1640-K.  Satin version with 4 Bilstein 5125 shocks is part # 49-1640-S
   The 49-1600 series 6″ Off Road Suspension system utilizes performance front coil springs that will provide a true 6 inches of front lift. In the rear we used our proven spacer design technology to design heavy duty rear spacers which team up perfectly with the factory rear coil springs.  This new system includes a lift structure that will enhance and improve the overall factory ride while greatly improving off road performance.  Along with performance springs and spacers, our engineering team also developed rugged frame-mount radius arm drop brackets that reposition the factory radius arms back to the factory position. This is important so that the OEM alignment geometry can be retained.  While on the subject of geometry retention, we also include heavy-duty fabricated steel front and rear track bar brackets, dropped cast iron front pitman arm and front sway bar relocation brackets. We even included front/rear bump stop extensions to prevent over-compression during off road use.  
   This new lift system is available with or without shocks. Shocks available: Fox, Bilstein 5125 or SST3000.  This lift system is also available in your choice of silver satin or black satin finishes. 
   Note: This kit is for diesel engine short bed trucks. Installing this kit on a long bed truck will amplify the factory drive shaft vibration. Installing this kit on a gas engine model truck will result in the front end sitting approximately 2″ higher in the front than the rear.  
    Tire Sizes:
 37" Maximum tire diameter
 37x13.50 for no rub on a 9.5" wide wheel with 0 offset
 18" - 37X13.5R18
 20" - 37X13.5R20
 22" - 325/60R22

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