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   Centreforce hydraulic bearing 601878 new long-travel throwout bearing for T56 transmission swaps greatly simplifies adding a modern Tremec 6-speed manual to a variety of vehicles. Additional Travel to increase the life of your clutch, from 2.380” – 3.860” (1.480” travel).  
   This bearing has been designed to work with push style clutch systems for engines mating to an aftermarket Tremec T56 style transmission using an aftermarket bell-housing and an aftermarket clutch master cylinder.  The bearing has been designed to be used with -03 AN hose fittings.  The steel braided line has been covered with a black heat resistant sleeve to protect the line from heat and damage.  Additionally a factory style male quick disconnect has been included as a connection option. 
   Pair with a Centerforce Clutch, featuring our patented centrifugal weight system, for a total performance clutch package.  

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