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   KC Hilites Gravity LED G34 is a compact, bright and street legal LED light. Its small 3” x 4” aluminum housing makes it an extremely versatile LED light for use on front and rear bumpers, a-pillars, roof racks and are great for ATVs, UTVs, Jeeps, trucks, SUVs and Motorcycles. The G34 LED driving beam pattern delivers both distance and width for great overall visibility. The G34 LED fog beam pattern provides an ultra-wide pattern with a sharp top cut-off that improves visibility while reducing glare.  G34 are street legal lights that conforms to SAE J581/ECE-R112 for Driving Beam and SAE J583/ECE-R19 for Fog Beam. 
   Part Numbers:
 Gravity LED G34 Driving Beam SAE/ECE 32W Pair Light System, KC # 431
 Gravity LED G34 Fog Beam SAE/ECE 28W Pair Light System, KC # 432
 Gravity LED G34 Driving Beam SAE/ECE 16W Single Light, KC #1431
 Gravity LED G34 Fog Beam SAE/ECE 14W Single Light, KC #1432
• Driving Pattern Wattage - 16W per light, 32W per pair pack
• Fog Pattern Wattage – 16W per light, 32W per pair pack
• LUX @ 10M Driving - 400LX per light | 800LX per pair pack
• LUX @ 10M Fog - 110LX per light | 200LX per pair pack
• Candela Driving - 40,000CD per light | 80,000CD per pair pack
• Candela Fog - 11,000CD per light | 22,000CD per pair pack
• Beam Distance Driving - 400M
• Beam Distance Fog - 210M
• RAW Lumens - LM per light | LM per pair pack
• Amp Draw Driving - 1.35A per light | 2.70A per pair pack
• AMP Draw Fog - 1.19A per light | 2.38A per pair pack
• Voltage - 9V-32V
• LED type Driving - 10W CREE XPL V4 LEDs
• LED type Fog – 7W NICHIA
• Color Temperature - 5000K
• IP Rating - IP68 
• Warranty - 23 years
   KC Hilites 7" 40W Gravity LED G7 insert part # 42033 uses 4, high-power Gravity LEDs to produce a clean pattern that achieves incredible distance and also provides ample ambient light for cornering and turns.  This system is 40W per light and utilizes KC’s patented Gravity LED.  The GRD (Gravity Reflective Diode) system efficiently connects every lumen from the LEDs to our optical reflectors producing a precisely focused and shaped clear light pattern. KC’s precision-machined reflectors are optically designed in tandem with off-road race teams and athletes to ensure that the light pattern prioritizes distance at high speeds with balanced peripheral light for cornering. 
   The Gravity LED G7 Spot optical insert is a universal light that is intended to switch your existing Carbon POD HID’s to LED’s. The G7’s fit right into KC’s Carbon Fiber housings, no matter if you have the original housings or the new Dupont-reinforced Carbon housings. 
   These new 40W LED G7 optics draws low amperage (3.09AMP/light) and with exponential light output (4100 LUX @ 10M). 
   Carbon Pod® with Gravity Led G7 Spot Beam Single is part # 96431.
   Carbon Pod® with Gravity Led G7 Pair Pack System is part # 9643 and includes wiring. 
• Wattage - 40W per light
• LUX @ 10 meters - 4100LX per light 
• Candela - 410,000CD per light
• Beam Distance (meters) - 1281m
• RAW Lumens - 4904LM per light
• Amp Draw - 3.09A per light
• Voltage - 9V-32V
• LED type - 10W CREE XPL V4 LEDs
• Color Temperature - 5000K
• IP Rating - IP68
• Warranty - 23 years 

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