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   The SEMA 2015 award winning aFe Power DFS780 Diesel Fuel System, with its patent-pending design, is capable of removing power-robbing entrained air, water and contaminants.  The DFS780 also boosts fuel pressure ensuring constant availability for the high-pressure transfer pump, improving throttle response and horsepower at all RPMs. It is for use on 2005-10 Dodge/RAM Cummins Diesel Trucks L6-5.9L/6.7L (td). 
   Part # 42-12031 is for full time operation.  Part # 42-12032 contains a Built-in Bypass For Stock Fuel System which allows vehicle to run on stock fuel pump under light loads, reducing wear & tear on both the DFS780 and the stock high-pressure pump. 
   The DFS780 uses a high efficiency fuel filter that connects to a clear water separation bowl. While the fuel filter is removing contaminants, the water separation bowl allows for visual inspection of the collected water and provides ease of draining using the removable cap. 
   To ensure the quietest operation possible, the DFS780 uses Helical Bronze Spur Gears versus straight cut gears. 
   A clear high-impact polycarbonate sight glass allows visual inspection of the fuel entering into the system. 
   The DFS780 is made specifically for each vehicle. It comes complete with all hardware, brackets, fuel lines and wire harnesses, allowing a simple installation. No cutting or drilling of the vehicle, and the installation is completely reversible.  Typical installation time is two hours (plug and play – no modifications to fuel tank). 
   In addition to cleaning contaminents and removing air/vapor from the fuel, the DFS780 provides significant increases in both horsepower and torque.  The DYNO test was performed on a 5.9L Cummins with some upgrades and the only variable change was stock vrs DFS780 yielding a positive result for the DFS780 of +5 HP and +13 TQ at max power and even more gains @ 2050 rpm. 

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