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   New in the TCI SEMA booth of 2015 are a pair of shifters — the redesigned Outlaw Blackout shifter and the Diablo shifter (pic from SEMA). 
   The Outlaw piece offers an optional two-button design that allows compatibility for electronic shifting when used with the company’s EZ-TCU transmission controller — or they can be used control a transbrake, line-lock, or nitrous system. 
   The all-new Diablo shifter’s design works on all transmissions; two, three, four, and even six-speeds in both forward and reverse shift patterns are accommodated. It can also be upgraded to use the same two-button configuration as the Outlaw shifter to control a transbrake, nitrous, or the EZ-TCU.  Only four shifter part numbers are in the book, as the base unit can be configured for all of the different transmission styles — the only options are the buttons and the cover. 
   In addition to less hassle, the durable, military grade buttons located on these shifters ensure instant engagement, allowing for improved gear transitions. These contoured handle shifters are comfortable, easy-to-use and install, and include the cover, cable and all hardware needed for proper installation.  The dual buttons allow for transbrake and nitrous activation without even moving your hand and eliminates the hassle of running wires or spiral cords from the steering wheel or the need for a custom steering wheel for a paddle shifter.  The precision laser-cut gate plate delivers instant shifts with precision accuracy. 
   These innovative shifters are available for GM Powerglide and TCI® 6x Six-Speed Transmissions, as well as most popular GM and Ford four-speed applications. They require a full manual option TCU, and there is an accommodation for a third button for a two-stage nitrous application or a line lock. 

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