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   Powermaster has introduced a new alternator that has an interior fan for cleaner looks and a reduced stack height. It delivers a solid 100 amps at idle, and up to 170 at speed, and can be ordered for single or dual v-belt drive as well as serpentine. 
   For Mopar, Powermaster has brought out a starter with flipped battery and solenoid terminals - by placing the battery terminal to the outside, installation is greatly simplified. 
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   “For the truck market, we’ve introduced the black wrinkle finish on our alternators, which we hope will captivate this specific market since we really want to push it moving forward,” said J.R. Richmond of Powermaster. “It fits right into the stock brackets, but will provide over 200 amps, roughly 140 at idle. It’s great for the plow guys or the builds that have plenty of lights inside and out.”    
   Powermaster also showcased its GM alternators, which now come in a clean brushed finish. It is a step away from the typical chrome we are used to seeing in old school musclecar applications.  “The brushed finish will be available on all GM alternators,” said Richmond. “We actually take these from a natural casting, then they are fully polished and put into a tumbler to create a nice grained finish. There is no clear coat or anodize on them, and are the easiest to maintain. If anything like antifreeze or oil gets on it, you use Scotch-Brite and make it look new again.”  These brushed finish alternators will be available for all GM vehicles from 1963 to 2010.  

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