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   Superchips new “F5” Flashpaq.  The F5 has an upgraded 2.8” color screens (with sharp screen navigation and animated graphics), increased onboard memory, and a redesigned infrastructure.  2015 SEMA Show attendees were impressed to observe the tremendous processor speed in action.  Superchips F5 platform will operate with reduced update, file building, and transfer times.  What once took several minutes with the previous Flashpaq will take just seconds with the innovative hardware. 
   The Flashpaq F5 will have internet update capabilities using new software, “Ignition”, for added coverage and features.  
Part #      Description 
1845     Flashpaq F5 Ford Diesel/Gas (Diesel 99-15 & Gas 99-15)
2845     Flashpaq F5 GM Diesel/Gas (Diesel 01-15 & Gas 99-15)
3845     Flashpaq F5 Dodge/Ram Diesel/Gas (Diesel 98.5-12 & Gas 98-14)
3874     1998-2014 Jeep Gas Flashpaq F5
3876     2015-2016 Jeep Gas Flashpaq F5
4845     Flashpaq F5 California Edition:  
                    Ford (Gas 99-15 and 1999-2010 6.4L, 6.0l, 7.3L Diesel)  
                    GM (Gas 99-15 and Diesel 01-10 ) 
                    Dodge (Gas 98-14 and 1998.5-2012 6.7L, 5.9L Diesel)
3571     2007-2016 Jeep JK Flashcal F5 
The new Flashpaq F5 for truck brings new updated software and will deliver updates smoother and faster to enable users to enjoy their products without the hassle of long update times. 
-  Speedometer Correction
-  Tire Size - 28" - 40"*
-  Axle Gear Ratio*
-  Shift Points*
-  Shift Firmness*
-  Speed Limiter*
-  Adjust Fan*
-  DTC Read & Clear
-  Equipped with Superchips’ industry leading performance, economy and tow tuning
*(Features vary by application.)

The new Jeep Flashpaq F5 and Flashcal F5 are designed specifically for Jeeps and packed with off-road features exclusive to Superchips. Our tunes include multiple street and trail proven performance levels developed on the streets of Florida all the way out to legendary trails of Moab, Utah. Testing at multiple altitudes guarantees optimal performance, regardless of geographic location.  
-  Superchips’ equipped industry-leading performance tuning*
-  Crawl tune for low speed off-roading in 4wd (JK only)*
-  Speed limiter adjustments*
-  4wd-Hi axle lock
-  Speedometer correction for tire size and gear ratio changes*
-  Diagnostic code read/clear
-  Idle up for winching 
*(Features vary by application and product.)

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