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   Comp Cams has upgraded cams for the Mustang 5L Coyote 2011+.  These cams can be installed @ Marken Performance.  
   “We have a new series of camshafts called the CY-r Series. These use the upgraded lobe profiles that have higher lift, and quicker ramp rates.  They are drop-in camshafts for these engines – they don’t require new springs.  But we also know that there are plenty of guys that have a 2011-14 who would really like to have the hot rod cams made for the newer engine. Now we also have the CY-r for the 2011-14, but they require springs in those older engines,” says Billy Godbold of Comp Cams.
   The profiles on all CY-r camshafts (2011-14, 2015+) are the same, but the spring needs an upgrade in the earlier engines to handle the increased camshaft lift and ramp.  Also, Godbold cautions that 2011-only owners will need to closely inspect the area between the roller and the boss where the hydraulic lash adjuster sits in the cylinder head for clearance once the camshafts are installed – it’s best to perform the camshaft upgrade with the cylinder heads removed from the engine on this model year, in case the boss area requires clearancing. This area was revised on the 2012-newer cylinder head casting and should not be an issue.
   Stock 2015 Coyote camshafts measure .512-inch lift on both intake and exhaust valves, with 211 degrees of duration at .050-inch lift.  These new cams thru Comp Cams start comparably with 227 degrees.  The valve spring upgrade from the factory in the 2015-16 Coyote engine has allowed Comp Cams to develop camshaft profiles that are specific to these model years, increasing performance capability without any other changes. 
   There are currently five CY-r Series camshafts from Comp available for the 2015-16 engine. Each grind is specifically tailored to different types of power increases – there are upgrades from stock (PN 243420) all the way through max-effort street-strip blower cams (PN 243480). 
   The 2015-16 camshafts, unlike earlier years, do not require the use of camshaft phaser limiters.  3 grinds are available for naturally aspirated engines with 2 designed specifically for blower applications. All are no-springs-required for easily installation in the vehicle. However, two spring kits (part nos. 26113 and 26125) are available for those that would like more spring with high boost or who really want to push RPM limits. COMP Cams® 2015 Ford Mustang Coyote CR Series Camshafts are the absolute best way to unlock the power potential of the brand new Coyote engine. 
   The same CY-r grinds also exist for the 2011-14 engines, albeit with different part numbers. These do require the use of phaser limiters, also available from Comp (PN 4953). (SEE PIC).
   The lockout kit (shown pic) is not required for 2015 Coyote engines due to the mid-lock camshaft phaser.  A new item used in the 2015 engines is the mid-lock camshaft phaser design. The 2011-’14 engines use a camshaft phaser that permits full exhaust advance and full intake retard, but in order to provide an engine that would pass this test, the phaser design was revised for 2015 to incorporate the mid-lock design for the intake camshaft. Godbold says this has to do with European emissions testing, where they use something called a ‘bag test.’ This is where they take a plastic bag, similar to a leaf bag, and place it over the exhaust pipes at startup to see what types of pollutants the engine emits at startup. In the previous-generation phaser, combustion is not very clean for the first few seconds – the engine had to build oil pressure and move the camshaft up from the full-retard position to the position where it gets good cylinder pressure and clean emissions. During normal operation, the phaser still permits the full 50-degree range of adjustment; this mid-lock situation only occurs at startup.

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