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   Holley has come up with a great breakthrough with their latest Brushless Fuel Pumps.  They are highly efficient, low amp draw and quiet.  These brushless fuel pumps  will operate at 90 to 130 psi all day long, and is compatible with all fuel types available.  The Holley Ultra Dominator brushless fuel pump can support up to 3,000+ horsepower.  The Dominator dual inlet (part # 12-3000-2) incorporates two fuel pumps in to one housing, providing enthusiasts with a compact fuel pump solution.  It is also available with 1 inlet, part # 12-3000.  The HP model is basically half of the Dominator, part # 12-1500. 
   To control all that fuel you'll also need a billet fuel pressure regulator and the Brushless Fuel Pump Controller. 
   The system can also be tied into a Holley ECU allowing the end user to also manage the entire fuel system more efficiently for greater fuel economy, PSI, and more. 
   The billet fuel pressure regulators also support over 3,000 horsepower, are compatible with both carbureted and fuel injected applications, and are compatible with all types of fuel available.  The carbureted models have an adjustability between 4 and 9 psi base pressure, and the fuel-injected models are adjustable from 40 to 100 psi base pressure. 

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