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  TCI High Stall Torque Converters for 2011 and up Ford Mustangs with a 6R80 Transmission. Each converter’s high-stall nature gets the engine to max torque and multiplies it as the vehicle starts to move.  This improves vehicle launch and overall performance. The converters feature a triple-disc, lock-up assembly with woven carbon frictions to handle more torque and dissipate heat more efficiently than the stock component. Designed with a higher clamping force on the clutch friction than stock and competitor options, the converters also boast full wide-open-throttle lock-up capability. Each converter features a CNC-machined, billet bolt-together design.  No welding or cutting is required to access internals, meaning that each unit can be unbolted and disassembled.  This enables easy stall changes and rebuilds, as well as efficient replacement of bearings and lock-up components. The converters do not require tuning.  Part numbers listed below. Custom stall speeds available. 
   Single Disc Part #                     RPM 
       457000S                            3100-3200
       457010S                            3400-3500
       457020S                            3700-3800
       457030S                            4100-4200
   Triple Disc Part #                       RPM
       457000                              3100-3200
       457010                              3400-3500
       457020                              3800-3900

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