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   PIAA has plug and play LED bulb conversion kits for many vehicles with H4(9003), H8, H9, H11, H16, 9005, 9006 bulbs available now via Marken Performance. 

   Just remove your stock bulbs and put these LED bulbs in with no rewiring, splicing or soldering needed.  The LED conversion controller just plugs in-line to existing OE harness. The LED bulbs are up to 55% less energy than OE bulbs (means less strain on battery and alternator leaving room for more gadgets) with "instant on" technology and operates from 9-16 volts.  Designed with an adjustable LED chip position, they maximize the factory housing and reflector by making sure the PIAA LED bulb is pointing in the right position with an adjustable set screw.  The PIAA LED bulbs provide a sharp cut line so glare is minimized and output is directed toward the road where you need it the most.  These LED bulbs are designed to withstand the life of the vehicle and the LED replacement bulbs feature dual alloy construction and an electronic fan to keep the circuit board and LED chips cool.  This PIAA LED lighting bulb upgrade is available in 2 color options: Xenon White 6000k or Ion Yellow 2800k. 

   This  Video  really shows the brightness and illumination area of the PIAA LED bulbs vs stock.

   A recent test on headlights was done by the IIHS and the only one rated good was the Prius which has LED lights! Among the 44 headlight systems earning a poor rating, the halogen lights on the BMW 3 series are the worst (other options are available with this vehicle). See chart at bottom of this page. To see this article: ClickMe 

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