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   ReadyLift has new 3.5" Tubular Arm SST Lift Kits for the 2009-16 F150 2WD/4WD trucks, available Aug 1,2016 via Marken Performance.  ReadyLift engineers have developed a truly awesome new mid-level lift system.  Power packed with great features such as heavy duty ball joints and one-time grease bushings, an offset spacer design to position the strut in the factory location and truly correct geometry.  Includes either tapered or flat rear blocks and even comes with a carrier bearing spacer (# 68-2516) for trucks with 2-piece driveshafts.    
   Part # 69-2300 for 2014-16 with 2 piece drive shaft.
   Part # 69-2301 for 2014-16 with 1 piece drive shaft.
   Part # 69-2302 for 2009-13 with 2 piece drive shaft.
   Part # 69-2303 for 2009-13 with 1 piece drive shaft. 
These kits will fit 35”-12.5 tall tires with 9” wheel and +12 offset, some minor trimming required.  

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