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   Quick Fuel strives to provide a comprehensive line of carburetors, carburetor accessories, as well as service parts via Marken Performance.  This Quick Fuel innovation has designed a heat shield to make sure your carburetor fuel doesn’t boil or create vapor lock.  Since gasoline is a complex mixture of molecules, the initial boiling point of refined petrol is around 104°F.  Without separation of the carburetor from the intake manifold, the heat can quickly move to the carburetor and cause the fuel in the float bowls to expand and eventually boil or percolate. 
   Quick Fuel part # 300-4013 includes everything that you need for this situation.  It includes: the aluminum heat shield, a poly-core spacer, a set of longer carb studs, nuts, and required gaskets designed for 4150-style flanges and fits your standard Street Demon, Holley, and QFT carbs with only a total +.5” (1/2 inch) installed height.  The main purpose of the bottom layer of the larger aluminum plate is to act as a heat shield and to deflect any heat.  The poly-core sandwiched layer reduces heat transfer, and top layer of aluminum dissipates the heat that gets through.  This assembly also acts as a carb spacer increasing your plenum size as  larger plenums = higher RPM use & higher RPM power curves. 



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