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   QA1 now has a 6-link suspension kit available for 1967-1979 Mopar A-body vehicles with an 8 3/4” rear axle assembly to omit the leaf springs.  The 6 links replicate the geometry of the tried-and-true 4-link while still mounting to the existing locations on the chassis. Made of tubular steel, this system provides smooth, bind-free movement that eliminates the need for special links or compliant bushings like typical 3 and 4-links.  For a medium ride feeling with double adjustable 6 Link Mopar Rear Suspension Conversion System use # R201-200 for a 1967-1979 A-body Mopar with an 8 3/4” rear axle assembly.  There are four links to the front, and a pair to the rear of the axle, each with a specific length.  This six-link rear suspension system eliminates the factory leaf spring, providing much better adjustability of the rear alignment, and pinion angles.  It works with the factory fuel tank, and is designed for 26 inch fender height with 27 inch tall tires with 1 inch of ride height adjustability in either direction. 
   For upgrading the entire suspension on a 1967-1972 A-body Mopar (Dart, Demon, Duster or Valiant), use the Level 3 handling kit (# HK03-CRA1 which includes the rear kit # R201-200 from QA1. This kit includes front and rear suspension components, front and rear sway bars, double-adjustable front shocks, double-adjustable rear coilover shocks, front K-member, rear cradle, and all necessary hardware.  You can order your suspension kits in stages via Marken Performance, or as a complete kit for front and rear. 
   Eliminating the leaf springs means that coilover shocks will need to be installed in this kit.  With the additional strength of the cradle, the upper crossmember on the car will be able to support the additional weight, which is now centrally located above the axle. 
   Available spring rates for this kit are 170 lbs./in. for soft, 200 lbs./in. for medium, and 220 lbs./in. for firm.  QA1 does offer different spring rates from 80 lbs./in. up to 600 lbs./in., and customers can request different spring rates at the time of ordering.  Brase said, “The six-link kit is also offered with QA1 single-, double-, or Quad-adjust shocks. 
   Since there are six adjustable links that will affect the rearend alignment, getting the correct settings requires a trip to the alignment shop once the car is completed. 
   Brase suggests the following settings for both single and double adjustable coilover shocks: 
                                    Single-adjustable           Double-adjustable
                                                                    Compression     Rebound
 Drag Racing                      4-10 clicks             0-6 clicks         4-10 clicks
 Nice ride and handling       0-6 clicks               0-6 clicks         2-8 clicks
 Firm ride & mid handling   6-12 clicks             6-12 clicks       8-14 clicks
 Aggressive handling         13-18 clicks             13+ clicks       14-18 clicks 

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