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   K&N Snorkel Air Intake System # 63-1573 fits 2012-16 Jeep Wrangler 3.6L.  Both the intake tube and sealed air box are significantly larger and less restrictive than the factory units, which allows for a high volume of cold air.  The air box is sealed to prevent warm engine air from entering the system.  This system feeds air to the engine through the factory air inlet and the roto-molded snorkel.  Under normal driving conditions, both air channels can be used for maximum performance (+ 6.5 HP, and +9 TQ).  However, if the going starts to get rough, a plug is provided to seal off the lower inlet and further protect the engine from dirt, water, and debris.  A unique feature integrated into the snorkel is an automatic drain valve at the bottom of the snorkel that will release any dirt and water that may make its way into system.  Unlike many Jeep Wrangler snorkel intakes, the main portion of the K&N snorkel tube is hidden behind the right front fender.  This protects it from damage, and ensures that the engine can get a steady supply of air in difficult conditions.  The snorkel itself was designed to be a little shorter, which allows it to fit beneath most LED light bars which also can be purchased via Marken Performance. 
   One note about installation: because of its inboard design, the right front fender will need to be removed in order to install the snorkel.  Also, thanks to its modular design, the K&N 63-1573 AirCharger snorkel intake can be used without the snorkel.  Since no exterior cutting is required, should you decide to remove the snorkel, you will never tell that it was ever installed. 

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