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    aFe POWER (advanced FLOW engineering, inc.) provides the ultimate air filters available for your gas and diesel vehicles, all available thru Marken Performance. aFe designed all of our OER Filter (Original Equipment Replacement) to increase horsepower, torque, and acceleration, while providing excellent filtration and protection to your vehicles engine. 
   aFe filters have rounded deep pleats for maximum surface area and increased flow (up to 40% more).  The pliable sealing surface allows our filters to conform to the most uneven filter housings with 100% polyurethane frame for extra long life. 
   aFe POWER offers up to 3 different air filter medias which are washable/re-useable to match your driving environment and performance needs (see pics). 
aFe POWER also has the following products for more performance: 
-  Throttle Body Spacers
-  Headers
-  Complete Exhaust Systems including Cat
-  Intercoolers for Cars & Trucks
-  F3 Torque Converters
-  Transmission and Engine Oil Pans
-  Differential Covers
-  Diesel Fuel Systems: DFS780 SEMA Award Winner
-  Shocks, Coilovers, Sway Bars
-  Lowering and Handling Kits
-  Scorcher Power Module for BMW gas, Ford Ecoboost Gas and Ford Diesel, Dodge Diesel, GM Diesel, Nissan Diesel

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