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   AirLift not only has air bags to help with load support (great for towing) but also has your choice of 1) Performance Series Air Ride Suspension or 2) Slam Series Air Ride Suspension for many cars via Marken Performance.  Use Airlift 3H & 3P Air Ride Systems which can also be Controlled via your Cell Phone. 
   Air Lift load support products are sold worldwide and are engineered to fit over 540 vehicles. Our extensive product line offers air helper springs for trucks, RVs, SUVs, CUVs and vans which provide both leveling capacity and improved ride comfort (very important for towing).   Adding steel springs to your suspension will give your vehicle increased load support, but the extra steel adds stiffness to your suspension which decreases ride comfort when riding empty.  Installing a load assist rubber jounce bumper will also give your vehicle added load support. However, many drivers report uncomfortable harsh jarring when riding on rough roads.  
   LoadLifter 5000 and LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE are heavy-duty, fully adjustable air spring suspension kits (also referred to as air bags) that work with the OEM suspension components, and are easily installed using brackets and hardware included in each kit.  Now available for 1/2 ton trucks thru Marken Performance.  The key difference in these 2 systems is the presence of an integrally molded jounce bumper inside of LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE kits.
   They fit many pickups and vans for hauling and towing.  Rear kits for commercials trucks, wreckers, ambulances, construction and utility trucks. 
   The jounce bumper in LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE gives an extra level of security to drivers who demand that their vehicle carry exceptionally heavy cargo or pull extremely heavy trailers and campers. Like LoadLifter 5000, LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE provides up to 5,000 pounds of load-leveling capacity*, single or double convoluted bellows air bag springs, roll plates (to protect the springs from sharp edges), mounting brackets, and all the hardware needed for installation.  In addition, LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE offers peace of mind through innovative technology. In standard air spring kits, if the vehicle operator were to overlook proper minimum air spring inflation, the air spring could get damaged during operation of the vehicle. By choosing LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE, with the internal jounce bumper, the likelihood of a damaged air bag is reduced. Even if the air bag is under-inflated, or empty, the weight of the vehicle will press down against the integrated jounce bumper, protecting the air bag until it can be properly inflated. 
   Each LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE kit includes: 2 air springs, all necessary mounting brackets, air lines, Schrader valve, all of the hardware needed for installation and a fully illustrated instruction manual. 
   Air Lift has released its new heavy-duty LoadLifter 5000(tm) and LoadLifter 5000(tm) ULTIMATE air spring series to support and protect Ford’s 2017 Super Duty F-250 and F-350 4WD pickups.  LoadLifter 5000 (#57399), Air Lift’s heaviest-rated air spring kit, is specifically engineered for Super Duty pickups, which, with best-in-class payload, horsepower and torque, are designed for hauling and towing some of the heaviest loads on the road.  The new LoadLifter 5000 ULTIMATE (#88399) for the Super Duty line offers all the benefits of the LoadLifter 5000 but with the addition of an exclusive internal jounce bumper, which provides added shock absorption and extra protection for heavy loads.

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   When it comes to achieving the perfect stance for your vehicle, you have 3 options: lowering springs, coilovers or air suspension. For years, coilovers were the preferred solution because of their adjustable damping and, in some cases, ride height.  Today, performance air suspension provides all the same benefits as coilovers, but is unmatched in its versatility and adjustability.  These air springs can be inflated and deflated at the touch of a button, allowing for instant adjustability.   Air suspension is the only suspension choice that allows you to easily adjust ride height on-the-fly with the touch of a button.
When your car is equipped with air suspension, you can: 
  • Slam it down for an aggressive show stance that is lower than any coilover.
  • Raise it up to clear road obstacles like speed bumps or steep angle transitions.
  • Enhance your ride quality for comfort using damping and air pressure adjustments.
  • Create a track-ready set-up with stiff damping, progressive-rate air springs and, in many cases, adjustable camber.
   Slam Series air suspension kits are designed to give you a slammed stance without the harsh ride quality of lowered coils. A Slam Series strut or shock features twin tube construction coupled with fixed damping, tuned for that specific vehicle, or our 9-level adjustable damping. In most cases, the struts bolt directly in place of the OEM equipment and come complete with our patented, noise-reducing upper mount for a quiet ride.  
   Performance Series air suspension kits are the ultimate suspension choice for your ride. All applications feature lightweight monotube shocks/struts with 30-level adjustable damping. Adjustable camber plates are integrated into most struts for perfect alignment or wheel fitment and are engineered with high quality spherical bearing upper mounts, providing instant damper response and precise steering feel. 
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 Air Lift Performance 3 (3H “Height” and 3P “Pressure”) is an air suspension control system designed with quality, longevity, performance, accuracy, simplicity and ease of use with the controller or your cell phone!  See Video at bottom of page.
   The all new “3” air management system from Air Lift Performance uses both height and pressure sensors to provide the most innovative air suspension control ever.  3H uses both Height & Pressure whereas 3P uses Pressure only.  Both systems use the state-of-the-art 32-bit processor powers advanced height + pressure algorithms for the most precise 4-corner control.  Both systems come with a simple and streamlined wiring harness for an easy and clean install.  Less components to buy and install with the ECU, manifold, and Bluetooth in one.  The compact design, harness connector location, and rotatable logo plate all allow for limitless placement options.  For either system you choose either 1/4” or 3/8” airline as well as the size of tank from 2.5 gallon to 5 gallon. 
   For the 3H system a new height sensor arm with an angular design to ensure long life.  3H height sensor cables have tiny connectors, which mean they have the ability to fit through many existing holes in the vehicle's frame and body. No more drilling large holes! 
  • App support is FREE with every Air Lift Performance 3H and 3P system.
  • Interface matches control, so it’s easy to go between the two.
  • Easy to set height or pressure presets.
  • Quick at-a-glance status of height and pressure values.
  • Update manifold and control software easily via. Bluetooth connectivity for the latest features.
  • Horizontal orientation at the turn of a wrist.
  • And many more features! 
   Requires Android OS 5.0 or later with Bluetooth connectivity.  For Free download click on: #3APP.  The app is compatible with thousands of Android phones and tablets including those tested by Air Lift Performance engineering listed below:    
  • Samsung Galaxy: Note 3-5, S5-S6 Edge+, Grand/Core Prime, Tab A 8.0
  • LG: G2-G4, G Pad 7”, Leon, Nexus 4-6P, V10
  • Motorola: Moto X (2nd gen), Moto G, Droid Turbo/Turbo 2
  • HTC: One, One M8
  • Sony: Xperia Z Ultra, Z2-Z3+, Z5 Premium
  • Blackberry: Priv
  • ZTE: Maven
  • OnePlus: 2



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