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   With increased boost pressures comes the increased propensity for spark blow out, which is where the boost pressures are actually high enough to impede spark transfer from the plug’s electrode to the ground strap.  While the stock coils of today are lightyears ahead of the ignition systems of yesteryear, there are still improvements to be had when replacing your stock coils with something that packs a little more punch.  
   Example: On a 2015 C7 Corvette that was originally set out with the goal of making 700 crank horsepower.  We started by installing simple bolt-ons, such as headers and full exhaust, MSD Air Force intake manifold and eventually made the step up to a little boost with ProCharger’s i-1 system (all these parts can be purchased thru Marken Performance).  That brought our output to just within sight of hitting our goal.  But something was missing.  Taking in to consideration the previous statements in mind, we turned to Granatelli for a set of their Malevolent 85,000 volt ignition coils (part # 28-0514-CPM fits 2014+ GM LT1 & LT4) and spark plug wires (part # 28-1545HTBB fits 1997-2004 GM LS1, LS6, & 2014-2016 LT Series Cars).  “On a factory LS or LT engine, the factory coils are rated at about 42,000 volts,” said Joe Granatelli, owner of Granatelli Motor Sports.  The wires and coils were installed and a new Dyno test was done.  Power had jumped from the previous (with all bolt on updates including ProCharger) 566.32 hp and 570.39 lb-ft of torque to 585.58 hp and 589.12 lb-ft of torque— a gain of 19.26 HP & 18.73 lb-ft TQ!  Needless to say, we were thrilled by the power gained by such a simple, easy-to-do swap.  We were stunned to see what the Granatelli coil and wires had brought us in the power department.    
  “Our coils are 85,000 volts, meaning they are double the voltage of the stock coil— what’s special about that is, no one else can do it.”  “Our coil on first hit, and in most conditions, is 85,000 volts,” Grantelli explained. “In testing, under high load and high rpm conditions, we’ve never seen them go under 78,000.” 
   With these high power Granatelli coils you get a more complete burn! No misfires!

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