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   AutoMeter's AirDrive gauges wirelessly receive information from your OBDII port via  AirDrive control module # 9110 (via Marken Performance) through a secure WiFi network from your vehicle to the award winning AirDrive gauges.  Wiring for the gauges only require power and ground.  You program configurable colors, warning points and peak recall functions through AutoMeter’s free AirDrive smartphone app.  Built to the exacting AutoMeter standards of response and precision, these gauges provide a zero lag display of the information on your vehicle's computer.  Compatible with more 1996 and newer, OBDII compliant vehicles.  No more drilling through the firewall or trying to adapt sensors in tight spots, AirDrive is ultimate gauge solution for your modern performance vehicle. 
   Choose from a variety of 2-1/16” black or silver background airdrive air-core gauges including: boost/vacuum, EGT, fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, transmission temperature, coolant temperature, air/fuel ratio and RPM. 
   Download AutoMeter's free AirDrive smartphone app to preview the parameters available on your specific car.  Apple iOS coming soon.  We've tested thousands of vehicles and the database is growing every single day.  See a video demonstration below.
   Contact Marken Performance for mounting solutions. 
        AirDrive Android App 


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