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   ENERGY SUSPENSION  part # 4.18127 is a Hyper-Flex Master Bushing set that fits 2015+ V6/V8 Ford Mustang.  It includes: front and rear control arm bushings, front and rear sway bar bushings, differential and subframe bushings.  Designed to replace compliant OE rubber bushings and mounts to greatly reduce wheel-hop and improve handling and traction during performance driving. 









   ENERGY SUSPENSION part # 15.312 is a Polyurethane Suspension Bushing kit fits 2010-2014 VW Golf.  This kit is firmer than factory rubber yet more compliant than solid mounts.  Energy’s polyurethane components complement most factory or aftermarket suspension set ups.  Contains: front & rear control arm bushings, 22mm front and 18, 19 or 20mm rear sway bar bushings and rear coil spring isolators. 

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