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   COMP Cams new Adjustable XD-A Pushrods won Best New Performance Racing Product Award at the November 2016 SEMA show (see Video below) and are available via Marken Performance.

   The patent-pending XD-A Adjustable Pushrods incorporate a top section that slides two inches inside a wider bottom section, with one or two shims captured in-between to accurately set valve lash or pre-load individually while using non-adjustable-style rockers.  These units are proven to run in LS applications at 9,000-plus RPM, and are a drop-in replacement with a 90-percent increase in bending stiffness. 

   It also allows for lightening of a rocker arm system by 30-plus grams on the backside, by removing the adjuster and required support area for threads and seating.  The use of lighter rockers (such as the COMP Cams SPR Radius Tip Rocker Arms) with XD-A Adjustable Pushrods allows higher RPM to be achieved by creating a much more dynamically stable valve train system. 

   The XD-A Push Rods can be adjusted over a range of .232″ in .004″ increments with shims.  The pushrods work with hydraulic and solid roller camshafts.  Now you can order your pushrods at the same time as your cam, and minimize downtime. 

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