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   Hellwig now has Big Wig Air Bags (Kit # 6306) for the 2016 Nissan Titan XD pickup via Marken Performance. The Big Wig’s 2,800 lb bags allow Titan XD owners to tow and haul heavy loads with improved safety, stability and comfort by maintaining a level ride height, improving overall drive control. 
   Kit # 6306 features a 2,800 lb air spring for each side and heavy duty bulletproof brackets engineered to stand up to the most demanding loads and includes all necessary parts for a complete installation.  The 2,800 lb Big Wig Air springs are 3” larger in diameter and up to 3” taller than the 2,500 lb air springs used by many other manufacturers.  These larger bags require less air pressure for the same load, resulting in a softer spring rate and a more compliant ride and allow you to increase the Titan XD’s level load carrying capacity up to the manufacturers GVWR. 
   When paired with the optional Compressor and Tank mount (part # 4803) the air pressure can be adjusted on the fly, allowing for even quicker load corrections without the need to stop at a service station. 
   Thanks to Hellwig, Titan owners will be able to properly level their vehicle and restore it to a level ride height, not only improving the looks of the truck but also the safety by placing weight back on the front tires for better braking, steering, and more even tire wear. 
   For Hellwig Parts call Marken Performance 1-888-401-1362

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