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   Borla Has Multiple Exhaust Options for the 2014-17 C7 Corvette from Headers all the way back to the diffuser.  There are options for NPP valve system and non-NPP valve system via Marken Performance. 
   Borla offers a variety of X-Pipes to enhance exhaust flow, sound and allow the addition of Borla Headers. Versions include street legal, race with cats (catalytic converters) and race with cat-delete. 
   The street-legal X-Pipe is a simple “cut & clamp” install behind the factory cats. This pipe, combined with a Borla rear-section exhaust, gives you a complete Borla Cat-Back™ exhaust system. The race version with cats X-Pipe is designed for racers who prefer to run with the odor-suppression benefit of catalytic converters (while also keeping the “Check Engine” light off), and the cat-delete X-Pipe meets the specialized needs of professional race teams. 
   Tips include black chrome or bright chrome as well as classic style or intercooled style.  There is a cat back available for racing and many axle back’s to choose from. 
   Check out the many options listed on this 1 page on Borla Website then get better pricing via Marken Performance. 
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