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   PROFORM’s part # 67644 is a Slim Wireless Vehicle Scale available via Marken Performance which includes full size 15″ x 15″ slim die cast aluminum powder coated scale pads. It includes a USB cable to computer for live stream data feed and free downloadable PC compatible program for viewing and vehicle profile exporting.  Standard features include a backlit LCD display with Cross weight, Side/Side weight, and Front/Rear weight in addition to the standard weight and percentage for each wheel and total vehicle weight. Scale is accurate to 1/10 of 1%.  

 - Super Slim 15″x15″ Aluminum Weighing Pads 1 5/16 inch thick
 - Drive-up Angled Edges on Pads
 - Backlit LCD Screen
 - Wheeled Hard Storage Case w/Telescoping Handle
 - Free downloadable PC program that displays LCD content via USB cord
 - Up to 7000 lbs, 1750 lbs per pad  
   Also available is part # 67646 for weighing gas cans.

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