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   An update to the older Z head, the Ford Performance Parts M-6049-Z2 competition cylinder head is now available via Marken Performance for more power. It has a 63cc combustion chamber and added velocity vane yielding 500+ horsepower.  Applications include small-block engines 289/302/351Windsor.  The head is equipped with 2.050 inch stainless steel intake valves and 1.600 inch 23-8N stainless exhaust valves, respectively.  One of the biggest differences between the Z2 new head and older Z head is the location of the exhaust port flange.  The new Z2 head has the exhaust flange in the stock location.  The Z2 also utilizes the stock exhaust bolt pattern (2.00”). The exhaust ports seal with standard Fel-Pro 1415 exhaust gaskets.  These heads accept straight rocker arms making choice of rocker ratio more expansive. 

   The unique “velocity vane” intake port was tested on a 363 cubic inch (302 based) crate engine.  The findings revealed that on a 363 inch engine the velocity vane was worth 3-7 horsepower from 4500-6500 rpm vs. the same port without the vane. 



- Intake ports feature a unique “Velocity Vane” in port floor to direct airflow around the valve stem – that leads to more HP and torque throughout the full power range
- Cast from prime 356 T6 aluminum
- Heads retain Ford OEM intake and exhaust port location and flange
- 20° degree inline valve angle
- Premium stainless steel valves - 2.05" intake 1.60" exhaust valves
- PAC 1219X conical style valve springs with machined retainers and 10° machined valve locks. Most hydraulic cams can be used with these springs.
- Valve spring closed pressure - 145 lbs. @1.800"
- Valve spring open pressure - 358 lbs. @ 1.175"
- Coil Bind @1.100”   0.650” Max Lift.
- Includes laser cut guide plates for use with 5/16" pushrods and 7/16" rocker studs
- Steel alloy intake and exhaust valve seats
- Manganese-bronze valve guides
- 63cc combustion chamber
- Uses gasket style 14mm spark plugs 
- Uses standard roller rocker - M-6564-K351 recommended
- Check piston to valve clearance including radial valve clearance before installing these cylinder heads on your engine
- Uses Intake gasket - M-9439-A50 and FelPro exhaust gasket part number 1487 

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