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   The AutoMeter Diesel Tach Adapter part # 9112 via Marken Performance allows for an easy way to install an aftermarket tachometer on diesel applications or for any vehicle equipped with an alternator that needs an accurate tach signal.  AutoMeter’s # 9112 Tach Adapter utilizes a small pick up probe that is strapped to the outside of the vehicle's alternator and inductively reads its rotation.  Using the easy, one touch calibration process, the module converts that signal to a 12v square wave signal allowing any AutoMeter tachometer with accurate results. 


   Now is the time to buy a Tach as Autometer has up to $175 Rebate ending April 30. Get $50 off # 6806, a 5" Tach suggested for Pro Comp Diesel

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   Installation PDF

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Grant. 2018-02-28 10:00:47

Some vehicles are not fully equipped so people always want to add aftermarket parts for improving performance or overall look. These parts are easily available for all makes and models at https://www.autopartsfair.com/ . Aftermarket products always remain less expensive and high standards than OEM.

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