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  The Centerforce High-Inertia Steel Flywheel, part # 700469 via Marken Performance, is available for 1991-2001 Cherokee, 1991-1992 Comanche, 1993-1994 & 2000-2004 Grand Cherokee and 1991-1995 & 1997-2004 Wrangler all with the 4.0L inline 6-cylinder engine. This high quality 40-pound billet steel flywheel is a direct replacement for the stock unit and delivers significant improvements in both on and off-road driveability, especially on Jeeps equipped with large tires.   The Centerforce High Inertia Billet Steel Flywheel will deliver upgraded performance and improved drivability by helping the engine maintain RPM in rough and adverse terrain without stalling out while also helping to recover some of the highway fuel economy lost from the addition of large off-road tires. 

   For added performance, Centerforce also offers multiple clutch upgrades for the 4.0L-powered Jeeps including its Centerforce II and Dual Friction clutch kits, and will soon be introducing complete upgrade kits that include a high inertial steel flywheel, clutch disc, pressure plate, and throwout bearing. 


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