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   Every EBC Apollo Balanced Brake Kit™, via Marken Performance, is a full vehicle upgrade including: new front rotors;  Yellowstuff™ EBC pads for both front and rear;  updated 4 or 6 front calipers in 4 colors (red, blue, black, yellow);  new stainless steel brake lines for all 4 corners;  1 litre of BF307+ super DOT 4 brake fluid;  all ensuring a totally balanced brake upgrade that delivers maximum braking performance.  Every EBC Apollo Balanced Brake Kit™ is designed to work with the vehicle’s stock master cylinder and is fully compatible with the vehicle’s ABS systems, allowing maximum braking performance to be realized without compromising on safety features and without the need for the costly replacement of several other components of the vehicles brake system.   The EBC approach is simple, whenever upgrading the front, you must also upgrade the rear.  That’s why every EBC front kit is additionally supplied with matching friction pads and braided stainless brake lines for the rear. 


   CALIPERS:  EBC lightweight but strong aluminium 4-piston brake calipers.  NOTE: a 6-piston caliper, along with a larger 6-piston “GT” caliper and also a 2-piston rear caliper will be available at the end of 2017.  Apollo Series caliper bodies are machined from heat treated low pressure castings. Low pressure casting is a vastly more expensive production method than conventional gravity casting, but by forcing the aluminum alloy into the mould under pressure the consistency of the finished part is greatly improved. This gives EBC’s Apollo Series brake calipers a noticeable performance advantage over conventional gravity cast calipers, exhibiting higher overall strength and a comparable caliper body stiffness to forging.  Apollo brake calipers are not painted using a powder coat finish. Powder coat cracks and discolours with exposure to high heat, meaning that powder coated calipers look great out the box, but the colour quickly fades away in use.   EBC finish every caliper using our advanced High-Temperature Teflon™ Polyester coating process. This top-coat paint system is similar to what’s used in the cookware market on the underside of pans and it gives a durable, fade resistant coating that’s easy to wipe clean and ensures that Apollo calipers will look great for years to come.  EBC caliper brackets are CNC machined from aerospace grade aluminum for high strength and are then anodized to prevent against corrosion. 

   ROTORS:  Fully floating rotors using stainless-steel drive bobbins, minimising rotor stress under even the most severe braking.  Friction rings are cast from high carbon G3500 alloy giving excellent wear properties and improved thermal capacity.  All EBC disc rings are cast using the ‘centre split’ casting method, ensuring a balanced casting that will not distort under high heat, an issue common with cheaper ‘moulded out’ castings. 

   PADS:  Yellowstuff™ pads offer excellent cold bite and zero brake noise making them a great pad for road use, yet they are also capable of operating without brake fade up to 550 degrees C, making them an equally outstanding pad for moderate track use.  Yellowstuff™ compound has an extremely low metal content, meaning these pads are very kind on discs and any brake dust can be easily wiped off painted wheels and calipers with a damp cloth.  Yellowstuff™ pads will not eat through rotors like most other performance pads.  These pads will operate safely in all climates, at any vehicle speed and in all weather conditions.

   FLUID:  Every kit is also supplied with 1 litre of BF307+ super DOT 4 brake fluid. This fluid has a 307 degrees C boiling point, a significantly higher boiling point than standard DOT 5.1. 


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