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   QA1 Hot Rod Series shocks for hot rods and street rods are now available via Marken Performance in more lengths. These custom mount shocks are perfect for any street rodder looking for modern-day adjustability in a performance shock that showcases aluminum show-quality looks.  Now available via Marken Performance, with or without a dust cover, QA1’s Hot Rod Series shocks offer 36 options of rebound adjustment with a comfortable compression setting, so they can be tailored for any setup, weight, spring rate and driving comfort level. 

   To keep the ride as smooth as possible, the shocks include polyurethane bushings for bind-free operation. In addition, QA1’s three-step sealing system eliminates seal drag and dirt intrusion and prevents leaks, keeping you on the road as long as possible. the Hot Rod Series shocks are serviceable and rebuildable, Like all of QA1’s aluminum shocks.  While traditional street rod shocks have the right looks, they are non-adjustable and therefore are unable to accommodate upgrades and other suspension changes resulting from a custom car setup.  This often results in poor performance or an uncomfortable ride, QA1’S Hot Rod Series shocks are the answer. 

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