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   AMSOIL now has an All-In-One (ADB) additive for Diesel Fuel, via Marken Performance that combines the following: Diesel injector cleaner, anti-gelling for better use in cold weather, lubrication, a Cetane Boost for increased horsepower all in one convenient additive. It is safe for use in all diesel fuels, including biodiesel.  4 ounces of Amsoil ADB treats 10 gals diesel fuel. 
   Low-quality fuels may form wax crystals in temperatures as warm as 40ºF (4ºC), most fuels have a cloud point near 32ºF (0ºC). The point at which the crystals clog the fuel filter is known as the cold filter-plugging point (CFPP). Diesel All-In-One lowers the CFPP by up to 40ºF (22ºC) in ULSD. 
 - Cleans dirty injectors
 - Lubricates fuel pump and injectors to reduce wear
 - Extends fuel filter life by reducing carbonaceous deposits
 - Improves fuel economy up to 8%
 - Combats fuel system corrosion
 - Fights gelling in cold weather climates
 - Prevents wax settling during storage
 - Improves cold filter-plugging point (CFPP) by up to 40°F
 - Delivers maximum horsepower while increasing cetane up to 4 points
 - Alcohol-free formulation is safe for use in all diesel fuels, including bio-diesel
     Available in: 8-Oz. (single or case of 6); 16-oz. (single or case of 12); 64-oz. (single or case of 6);  5-Gallon pail; 55-Gallon drum.

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