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   Fidanza has performance lightweight steel and aluminum flywheels available thru Marken Performance.  Fidanza's lightweight steel flywheel is lighter than OEM, but heavier than aluminum, but it can be resurfaced at least once, and will allow for enhanced airflow for improved clutch cooling.  The Fidanza aluminum flywheel is going to be 40-50 percent lighter than the stock unit, have a replaceable ring gear, and has a replaceable friction plate.  A steel flywheel will handle quite a bit of abuse. Heavy cars with lower power can benefit from some additional rotational mass to help propel the car while shifting. Also, a heavier flywheel such as lightweight steel will not allow RPM to drop as quickly between shifts compared to an aluminum flywheel.  A lighter flywheel will reduce turbo lag and increase the efficiency of a supercharger due to less drag on the crank.  Naturally-aspirated racers will also see a benefit as the aluminum flywheel is easier to turn, and they will see an increase in mid-range torque. 
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