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   MSD has 2 similar RPM-Activated Switches, #8950 & #8956 via Marken Performance, that will perform a variety of different functions from turning on a bulb or solenoid to activating an MSD Timing Control at a desired rpm.  The RPM-Activated Switch, #8950, has 2 activation wires; one to ground a circuit and the other to open a circuit. Simply plug in an rpm module from MSD and wire the Switch to the circuit you want to activate. When the engine rpm reaches that amount, the circuit is activated and will remain on until the rpm falls below that amount.  The RPM Window Switch, #8956, has 2 rpm adjustments; one to activate a circuit, while the other deactivates the same circuit. Removing ground to a circuit is a great feature to deactivate nitrous before the engine’s rev limit is reached. Both Switches can be used with stock inductive ignitions or an MSD Ignition and can handle up to 1.5 amps.  For current above 1.5 amps use MSD #8961 which is a 5 pin relay good for 30 amps.  For use on 4, 6, or 8-cylinder engines. 


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