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   Centerforce DYAD DS Twin Disc Clutch part # 04615748 via Marken Performance fits Chevrolet Performance Big Block crate engines 454 cu in and 502 cu in with a 1-1/8-inch, 26 spline input shaft.  This fully dampened clutch system was developed for vehicles pushing extreme power levels after the addition of turbochargers, a supercharger or nitrous. the clutch utilizes Centerforce’s patented Ball Bearing Pressure Plate and twin disc design. The 10.4-inch pressure plate also includes the company’s patented Centrifugal Weight System which helps the clutch kit hold up to 1,300 ft-lbs of torque. The clutch discs feature segmented “puc”-style facings on both sides, to provide increased holding capacity and longevity. A lightened billet steel flywheel delivers increased throttle response. This part is a 33.3 in/oz Counter Balance, a zero balance option is available as well. 

   Centerforce DYAD DS Twin Disc Clutch kits come pre-assembled and include the pressure plate, floating disc, floater, drive disc, flywheel, pilot bearing, alignment tool and ARP fasteners. 

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