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   PIAA new G3 LED bulbs via Marken Performance have higher output CREE XP-L chips and have a wider viewing angle than other Performance LED bulbs. In addition, the LED chips sit on a thinner board that places the light source more toward the center of the column to replicate the precise location of a standard halogen filament.  Both of these innovations allows the G3 LEDs to increase beam intensity and provide continuous light distribution throughout the beam. A newer controller addresses Pulse Width Modulation to prevent flickering or hyper flashing for most vehicles with instant on and are dust & water tight. 


   Although G3 LED’s do not comply with FMVSS108 or CMVSS108 they are perfect for high beam or off road use.  G3 Bulbs are larger than stock, please check clearance and fitment before purchase.  Call Marken Performance @ 1-888-401-1362 for your application.

  • Pulse width modulation eliminates flickering for most applications
  • Adjustable beam to fine-tune alignment for precise optical outputs
  • 5-year warranty that's engineered for long lasting performance
  • Plug and play design comes with OE connectors for a quick and easy installation
  • Powerful cooling capacity for maximum brightness throughout the bulb life
  • 6200k cool white color output to maximize maximize performance and contrast. 

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