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MSD is now introducing their DynaForce Alternators and Starters. For Video: ClickMe

These are new units designed for the street or the track in various color themes from your MSD North American dealer Marken Performance.

MSD Alternators The DynaForce alternator line has been developed in both a street and race package. The high output “street” package comes in either a 120 or 160 amp version, featuring a designed that maximizes otuput beginning at idle and progressing through the high RPM’s, full baffle protection for safety, an easy-to-install side post, one-wire installation for 12 or 16 volt systems, and electronically balanced stator and dual plane rotor for high RPM reliability. MSD is offering these alternators in four flavors — chrome, natural, black, and satin.

The “race” alternators are engineered to deliver in extreme racing conditions, easily identifiable by their wrinkled red finish and one-wire installation. These units can be used to charged either 12 or 16 volt electrical systems. The 50 amp model is based on a common “Denso” housing, and accepts many aftermarket bracket assemblies for compatibility with many different applications. The 100 amp model, in addition to race-ready 12 and 16 volt charging system, sports an easy-to-adjust regulator inside with the turn of a dial that allows you to set it for your application — be it 12 or 16 volts. Also, since these are built to handle racing rpm, MSD incorporated a fan baffle to protect the belt. The mounting points are common to aftermarket GM brackets.  

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MSD Starter

  MSD’s DynaForce starters are designed to crank “the highest compression engine on a hot day in Death Valley,” according to their product release.  A 3.4 horsepower motor spins the reduction gears with 4.4:1 ratio, delivering some really impressive torque capable of spinning an 18:1 compression motor. The DynaForce starters features a billet aluminum mount that’s easily clockable, a downsized design to assist in clearance issues, and a ball bearing supported armature and pinion gear weighing around 11 lbs.  Nickel plated heavy duty solenoid is designed to operate in severe environments.  The DynaForce Starter features a billet aluminum mounting block that can be positioned in different locations to help clear suspension parts, the oil pan and exhaust systems. 

 The DynaForce starters are available for all of the common engines models and flywheel tooth combinations, including Ford, Chevy, Pontiac, Chrysler, Jeep, and AMC.

 A Dynaforce High Speed starter is also offered, designed for race engines with magnetos that require more demanding cranking speed. These starters exhibit 25% more speed than the standard DynaForce starter, thanks to their 3.73:1 gear reduction, ensuring they’ll start even the toughest of engines and with great reliability and durability.  

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