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Shown here are the two generations of M/T 275/60/15 radials - the original on the left, and the new Pro on the right.  Side-by-side, you can see the differences in the old and new Street Radial tire. The original ET Street Radial on the left which was designed on 9 and 10 second cars more than a decade ago, but was clearly over-developed, as racers have pushed the tire to well over 230 mph. The new Pro tire on right and the most obvious of features is the reduction in the slots and grooves in the tread, but inside is an all-new construction that's much more forgiving than the old tire.  The Street Radial Pro has consistently gotten the car off the starting line without spinning, regardless of the conditions. Throughout our testing, our tire pressure has only varied from 17 to 17-3/4 lbs as we made adjustments pass-by-pass. “We tested at 3 different tracks: Bradenton, South Georgia, and Milan. We worked with different cars, the same cars, different power adders, all at varying venues in varying conditions. We put “Brand X” tires on some cars and they spun; then we put the Street Radial Pro on the same car and had sixty-foots as quick as 1.10.” 

   The newest tire in Mickey Thompson’s drag racing arsenal, the Pro Bracket Radial, is aimed directly at the bracket and index racing world, with options of 28×10.5-15, 28×9-15, and 26×10.5-15. 
    Another new tire for Mickey Thompson unveiled this week is the ET Street R (the “R” is for Race), which will come in both radial and bias ply flavors. M/T is targeting these at the high modern performance muscle car market, and is, as Kundrik puts it, a race tire that you can drive on the street.  The average racer will pick up a full tenth and two miles per hour just switching from a slick to the ET Street R.  The ET Street R blends the technology in the Street Radial Pro and the ET Street tires, and will replace the ET Street Radial II. These tires will be offered in 17-inch and larger diameters, and are fully DOT-approved.  The bias ply ET Street R will replace the previous ET Street tires, and will include a new size for the Pro Street-style cars — like the high-horsepower Drag Week Unlimited cars. This new tire is essentially the company’s revered 3191W “Bubba” tire that’s been confirmed to DOT standards.  The ET Street R tires all will feature proven R2, M5, and X5 compounds, which are the same used in Mickey Thompson’s drag racing slicks. 
    And finally, another new tire line that Kundrik believes will be an absolute home-run, is the ET Street S/S, which is an expansion of the ET Street Radial line. These are drag strip-ready radials, built upon proven drag racing compounds, with a tubeless radial construction. The S/S will be optioned in sizes, ranging from 15 to 20 inches. 



Mickey Thompson has just added new 19 and 20 inch sizes to the popular ET Street Radial II line, perfect for new American Muscle car applications. New sizes include P305/35R19 (Part #3723R) and P305/35R20 (Part #3727).

 The Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial II is a tubeless steel-belted radial with a soft compound and low void directional tread for superior surface contact and incredible traction for straight-line racing. The unique sidewall construction reinforces this tire during fast acceleration, and the impressive tread pattern has been designed with both performance and appearance in mind. The ET Street Radial II is a great choice for modern performance cars that require bigger wheel diameters for brake clearance.  

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The Ultimate Performance Tire For American Muscle:

 The Mickey Thompson Street Comp tire is built for ultra high performance applications. The Street Comp provides incredible traction, crisp handling, and high speed cornering ability with the outstanding appearance you'd expect from Mickey Thompson. Compounded for both dry and wet traction and a with a 300 AA A UTQG rating, (treadwear is the first number in the rating. In theory, a 300 rated tire should last twice as long as 150 rated tire).
 This is a street tire that was designed for performance street cars in daily driving situations, with a design that is intended to maximize both dry and wet traction. The Street Comp UHP also features several elements intended to maximize wear. The asymmetric design of the tread means that on standard fitments the tires can be cross rotated, or changed side to side; which increases tread life, while reducing irregular wear patterns.
 The outside tread features large shoulders which help maximize the tire’s cornering ability. The shoulder elements are tied together in pairs to improve traction, and stiffness. The wide circumferential grooves near the center of the tire improves wet traction, and avoid hydroplaning. At the same time the wide center rib improves steering responsiveness.
  All of this translates into a tire that will last longer, and handle as well as, if not better than many similar tires on the market. During their testing Mickey Thompson claims that the Street Comp UHP actually beat competitors in lap times. These tests were performed for both wet and dry conditions.
   The Street Comp ultra-high performance (UHP) tire from Mickey Thompson is now offered in a super wide 315x35R17 for Ford Mustangs with 17-inch wheels.  “The new super wide 17-inch Street Comp is just what Mustang enthusiasts have been asking for,” said Ken Warner, VP of Marketing, Mickey Thompson.  “This new size is the perfect choice for the new model Mustang, delivering superior performance and ride comfort along with an incredible appearance that reflects the spirit of this iconic muscle car.
   The ultra-high performance Street Comp tire from Mickey Thompson is now available in a popular wide 305/35R20 rear size. First introduced as original equipment on the 2012-2013 Camaro ZL1, the 305/35R20 is perfect for new model Camaros, and is a great choice for other vehicle owners who prefer staggered rear fitments. This tire combines incredible construction, exceptional compound, a wider footprint and a specially-designed tread pattern for a smooth, quiet ride, and responsive handling in both dry and wet conditions.
   The Street Comp SC-5 wheel from Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels is now available in several new finishes for today's muscle cars. Choose from the original gloss black/machined, flat black or hypersilver/machined finish. Specially engineered for Ford Mustang (1994-2014), Chevy Camaro LS, LT, RS and SS (2010-2014), and Dodge Challenger (2008-2014) in offsets that deliver better fit and a wider vehicle stance, the SC-5 is the foundation for Mickey Thompson’s Enhanced Stance System (ESS).

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 Fitments are available for rims from 17"-20" in diameter, and 7.5"-10" in width. Popular sizes listed below in chart.



        Mickey Thompson Truck Tires

 To see Tread Close Up, Hover Your Mouse Over the Tire 

  Mickey Thompson has introduced a new light truck tire with the help of four-time Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series champion Brian Deegan which can be ordered thru Marken Performance. The “Deegan 38” is a  good-looking mud-terrain tire that is designed to deliver aggressive off-pavement performance, but will not become sloppy on the highway. Tire sizes available from 31" to 37" with 15"-20" rims.
  The tread is made up of the company’s proven compound; as well as a beveled tread edge for improved stone ejection, wide lateral and offset grooves to channel water away and grapple mud and rocky terrain well, and large center tread blocks for a good bite. The shoulders of the tire also retain the signature Mickey Thompson SideBiter pattern that helps gain traction in ruts, and the tire’s sidewall has the Deegan 38 shield and raised white block lettering. 
  Deegan himself “had worked for nearly a year with Mickey Thompson through his racing to offer feedback on what was needed to make a good tire for traction in demanding circumstances, and that they were able to use that to help create the new tire.”


   Deegan 38 Vehicle @ SEMA 2013





   Styled after one of the best known innovations in off-road history; Mickey Thompson's revolutionary; tread-on-the-sidewall, tire design called Sidebiters. This wheel is built to be a heavy duty performer with exceptional styling design. The entire wheel is coated in a protective satin black finish. New pop-top style center cap embossed with M/T logo. Available in 15, 16 and 17 inch. 

   The Classic Baja Lock Wheel is one of several new additions to Mickey Thompson?s impressive wheel line. This tough, stylish wheel features a finely machined simulated beadlock, a matte black protective finish, and is embossed with Mickey Thompson logos on the lock ring and center cap. Available in popular 15-, 16- and 17-inch sizes, the Classic Baja Lock has a high load rating, special trailer applications, a lifetime limited warranty for structural defects, and a one-year warranty on the finish.

   Mickey thompson's redesigned Baha MTZ P3 tire offers improved off-road durability and traction compared to past generations, giving legendary performance to today's off-road vehicles. 
   Paired with the extensive line of M/T wheels, including the expanded Deegan 38 lineup, and you have a combination that puts power to the ground without any compromises.  

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