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For over 15 years MBRP inc. has been delivering performance enthusiasts the most in power, the most in product quality and the most in customer responsiveness in exhaust, intercooler pipes and Jeep accessories. Marken Performance is proud to be a distributor for MBRP products. OCF is the Jeep accessories division of MBRP Inc., and you can be sure that every Off Camber Fabrications (OCF) product is hand built and jig assembled for a precision quality fit every time.
Exhaust: T304 vs T409 MBRP T304 stainless steel will not oxidize or rust, it can however develop a golden color when exposed to high heat over time. T409 stainless steel has a fair amount of ferrous material in it and can show surface oxidization after some time, especially when exposed to road salt. This can be prevented by applying a stainless steel cleanser using a scouring pad. If you are concerned about long-term appearance, you should get the T304 system. If you are more concerned about the price, but want something that is more durable than aluminized steel, then the T409 system would be the system of choice. 
WARRANTY: Pro Series (T-304 stainless steel) - Lifetime warranty. XP Series (T-409 stainless steel) - Lifetime warranty.  Installer Series (Aluminized) - Three (3) years. Black Series - Three (3) years for the components but One (1) year for the coating. Performance and PLM Series - Two (2) years. 
While performance gains vary depending on the vehicle you can expect a gain of 5% to 10% in horsepower and torque.
Exhaust Styles:

 MBRP part # IC2674 is a set of upgraded intercooler pipes for the 2014-15 Dodge 3.0L Ecodiesel. 
  Mandrel bent Mirror polished 6061 Aluminum
  Easy Bolt-on Installation
  Increase Throttle Response
  Weight Savings
  Eliminates Factory silencer
  Cooler Temps
  Includes Both Pipes
  Flow Specs: +41% Driverside Flow; +18% Passenger Flow 
   There are a few different 3.5" DPF Back Exhaust configurations available for this vehicle.
  MBRP Performance exhaust has a large selection of different exhaust systems for the 2011-2014 Mustang GT 5.0 & 500.  Reserve yours today from Marken Performance.
  In the video they show the transformation from the stock Mustang system to MBRP's headers, h-pipe and cat-back systems; along with two muffler configurations for each set up. In Street Series and Race Series.



  MBRP has new 3" Turbo Down Pipe for the 2013-2015 Ford Focus ST 2.0L Ecoboost available thru Marken Performance.
  Built from heavy duty aluminized steel MBRP’s Black Series performance exhaust systems has fully sealed seams to resist rust so you can count on this system to really hold up. The black coat finish is specifically formulated to withstand the extreme heat and abrasive conditions an exhaust system is exposed to. 
 Part #  FG012BLK has the Catalytic Converter.
 To Hear this as well as the Cat Back, watch this  Video 
   MBRP has a 3” mandrel bent cat back for the 2013-2015 Ford Focus ST 2.0L Ecoboost available thru Marken Performance. With dyno numbers of +18HP and +16TQ, awesome acceleration, huge 4” double walled mirror polished stainless tips and an absolutely perfect sound, this cat back kit will make your Focus ST really come alive. 
   Part #’s: S4200304 (T304 Stainless) / S4200409 (T409 Stainless) / S4200AL (Aluminized Steel)



  MBRP Part # S5086409 is a huge 3.5” cat-back that fits 2014 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 6.2L V8.  Also fits 2014 GMC Denali.  You get more torque, more horsepower, improved fuel mileage and a reduced risk from rust or lubricant deterioration as this is made from thick 16 gauge T409 stainless steel tubing.

* Mirror Polished T304 exhaust tip
* Delivers a rich, mellow exhaust note
* Installs with common hand tools
* Can improve fuel economy by 1-2 mpg
* Boosts torque and horsepower
* Complete Cat Back System


      Video          Dyno Sheet  





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