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For those of you wanting to do an upper end overhaul, Edelbrock makes great different packages for your needs.  Since the early 1980's, the Edelbrock Total Power Package System has solved the parts matching puzzle for many street performance enthusiasts. Intake manifolds, camshaft kits, cylinder heads and carburetors are the core of the Power Package and can be purchased one piece at a time or in a single box with our popular Top End Kits like the Chevy Kit # 2099 shown below. The majority of kits are focused on Chevy, Ford and Mopar engines, however, Edelbrock offers power packages for AMC, Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac in 2015.

E-Street Power Packages are designed to deliver entry-level street performance and great driveability from idle to 5500 rpm. These packages use Performer intake manifolds and camshafts, but feature our E-Street cylinder heads. E-Street heads are designed for high performance street applications with hydraulic flat tappet camshafts and feature larger than stock intake and exhaust ports to improve engine efficiency.

Performer RPM packages are for non-emission engines only. Because of the high rpm (above 5500) capabilities of this package, a high-volume oil pump, adjustable rocker arms & high-performance pistons with 9.5:1 compression are recommended. The Performer RPM cam has more lift and duration than most street cams with acceptable low-end torque while maintaining 10"-12" Hg @ idle.

Victor Line of top-end kits that are geared toward heavy street/strip use. These kits can include CNC-ported heads, Victor intakes and Rollin Thunder cams. Edelbrock also makes suggestions for carburetor size and provides numerous dyno charts to compare the different packages. And Edelbrock will identify componets that are street legal or for racing only.


   Edelbrock Top End SEMA 2014 Video


For more info from Edelbrock.com and kit part numbers for Ford, Chevy, Chrysler: ClickMe 

  ClickMe  To see a video and watch them upgrade 1969 Camaro SS 396 for better performance using an Edelbrock Top End Kit consisting of E-Street Heads, a RPM intake manifold, a mild street camshaft, and the required hardware and gaskets to put it all together.



    HEMI top End Kit #2052 includes an Edelbrock Dual-Quad intake manifold (#7524), Victor Jr. cylinder heads (#61175), Rollin’ Thunder hydraulic camshaft (#2212), timing chain (#7805), head bolts (#8513) and gasket set (#7349), giving you just about everything you need for installation. In dyno testing, this combination produced 705 HP and 623 ft-lbs. of torque when toped with dual Performer Series carburetors (#1405).




 E-Force Supercharged 5.0L Crate Engine:  This Coyote package is our most complete and ultimate solution for the Ford enthusiast transplanting a Coyote powerplant into their project vehicle. It includes a complete engine with an E-Force Supercharger system installed, wiring harness, pre-programmed ECU, electronic throttle pedal, oxygen sensors, MAFS, air filter, fuse box, water pump, hose, alternator, belts, idlers and hardware.  This combination puts out a whopping 700 HP and 606 lb/ft of Torque!  The core of this engine is a brand new Ford aluminum block built for high performance applications. The lightweight aluminum block features a forged and balanced crankshaft, forged Manley H-Beam connecting rods and Mahle forged aluminum pistons. The 9.5:1 compression ratio allows for safe and reliable supercharged performance on 91 octane pump gas.  

 This engine package comes complete with essential supercharger kit components, such as the electric intercooler water pump, intercooler plumbing and intercooler recovery tank, as well as fuel rails, 50 lb/hr. fuel injectors.  It also includes all front end drive accessories: water pump, alternator pulleys, idlers, tensioners, belts and hardware.

Pair with universal heat exchangers #15405, #15406 or #15407 for a complete installation.  

Important Note: Top of supercharger measures 21.1" from crank centerline.

       Edelbrock Supercharged 5.0 Crate Engine Video

 Now available from Edelbrock, is a complete 416 c.i.d. supercharged, LS engine, that produces an astounding 720 horsepower and 695 ft-lbs. of torque, on 91 octane pump gas. The foundation of this engine is a brand new, GM aluminum LS3 block with a forged and balanced Manley crankshaft, forged Manley H-Beam connecting rods and Manley forged aluminum pistons. The 4.0" stroke, and 4.065" bore pushes this LS3 out to a whopping 416 c.i.d., for incredible low end torque. The 9.5:1 compression ratio allows for safe and reliable supercharged performance on 91 octane pump gas.

Helping this engine breathe is the Edelbrock E-Force LS3 supercharger system. This great looking system features Eaton TVS 2300 cc/rev rotors, which provide unparalleled efficiency, whisper quiet operation and OEM reliability. This engine package comes complete with essential supercharger kit components, such as the electric intercooler water pump, intercooler plumbing and intercooler recovery tank, as well as fuel rails, 60 lb/hr. fuel injectors, mass air flow sensor (MAFS) housing and re-usable air filter. The supercharger equipped on this engine features a driver's side throttle body orientation for ease of intake routing and a Corvette belt offset for a compact installation. (Other belt offsets and inlet orientations available upon request.) Pair with universal heat exchangers #15405 or #15406 for a complete installation.


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This new cylinder head for the 454 features a 100cc chamber that is ideal for high compression applications and can be ordered from Marken Performance. The unique oval intake port shape produces flow similar to rectangular ports, but the smaller port size provides excellent seat-of-the-pants performance and crisp throttle response. Both the intake and exhaust ports have been profiled for improved air flow. They also have smaller-than-stock 11/32" valve stems for excellent flow and a lighter weight valve. The heat crossover passage is present, but has been blocked, making these heads not legal for use on emissions controlled engines.  Performer RPM 454-0 High-Compression (with springs for hydraulic flat tappet cams) = #60439 for complete single.  Performer RPM 454-0 High-Compression (with springs for mechanical flat tappet & hydraulic roller cams), # 60435 for complete single.



   Edelbrock's dyno video of a 555ci, single 4-barrel big-block Chevy pulled 903 horsepower and 722 torque with just 9.2:1 compression ratio. With the exception of a solid roller camshaft and a little intake manifold porting, the engine was off-the-shelf ready-to-go. The Edelbrock Musi heads, Edelbrock intake manifold and Holley Dominator carburetor are available from Marken Performance.
   The short block is comprised of a Merlin block bored to 4.560-inch and fitted with a Callies 4.250-inch-stroke crankshaft, Oliver rods and Diamond pistons. A Moroso billet pump with 7-quart pan provide lubrication. Key to the performance potential is the Edelbrock top-end combo of 24-degree Musi/Victor CNC-ported cylinder heads (PN 61419 bare, PN 61409 assembled) and a Super Victor intake manifold (PN 2917). The cylinder heads were bolted on right out of the box while the intake manifold was flow tested and then port-matched to the intake gasket. Edelbrock also offers a tall-deck model.  A Holley Dominator 1050 cfm carburetor was used.

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   The cylinder heads were developed along with noted engine builder and racer Pat Musi, starting with Edelbrock’s 24-degree A356 aluminum casting that is heat treated to T6 specs. The exhaust ports are raised .750-inch, and extra material is added to the deck and spring pockets for improved durability. The ports are the CNC machined to Musi’s specs, resulting in 119cc combustion chamber and 367/377cc intake runners. Although the head is available bare, Vbrancic used a set that came assembled with 2.300/1.900 stainless-steel valves, Manley springs and titanium retainers. Vrbancic added the Jesel 1.75/1.70 rockers.
        Video Clip   

The same Musi 24° CNC Heads # 61419 were mated with the Edelbrock Super Victor CNC Manifold # 29270 and a F2 pro charger producing 1557 Horsepower and 1158 ft-lbs of Torque on a Chevy big block 548 cu in.


   Video 1557 HP

   Edelbrock has developed a new head group that will make the small block chevy make a run for it's money with the LS applications. Offering 3 variants in the E-CNC heads have an incredible flow characteristic using the standard 23 degree design. These cylinder heads are fully CNC ported for maximum horsepower and torque, making them ideal for high-performance street and light duty racing applications. They also feature high-quality lightweight valve springs and heavy duty hardware for maximum lift and maintain the stock exhaust port location. E-CNC cylinder heads are available for small-block Chevy, LS-series Chevy, big-block Chevy and small-block Ford.
                                         LS CNC Head Video 


    Edelbrock new E-CNC ported high flowing aluminum cylinder heads fits 1967-1991, 318-360 c.i.d. Chrysler LA engines. They feature fully CNC intake, exhaust ports, 58cc combustion chamber and have an intake port volume of 225cc.  Call Marken Performance for availability. 
    These heads are an in-line valve design incorporating a 16° valve angle (stock is 18°) for improved air flow and increased power levels over heavily ported stock versions. Intake valve diameter is 2.15”, exhaust valve diameter is 1.6”.  They also feature the Chrysler W5 bolt pattern and have raised exhaust ports. The intake port has also been raised approximately 3/4" and the flange has also been extended to accommodate a stock (race) intake manifold such as our Super Victor # 2815. 
   Finally, a 5.56" overall length valve (+0.600" from stock) and raised rocker cover permit larger port cross-sections than in the stock head. End-seal spacers are provided. Deck thickness: 5/8", pushrod diameter: 5/16". 
   Part # 61709 for bare single head. Part # 61719 includes valves for single head. For hydraulic roller camshaft applications use part # 61739 for complete single head. For solid roller camshaft applications usen part # 61729. 
   These heads are designed to accomodate stock Big Block Mopar Wedge Rocker arm assemblies (.150" minimum intake offset). 

   Edelbrock new Performer cylinder head (part # 50169) is designed as a bolt-on performance upgrade for 1991-2006 Jeep's with a 4.0L in-line 6 cylinder engine.  Can also be used on 1987-90 Jeep engines and AMC 4.2L engines as long as the 1991-2006 Jeep intakes/exhaust manifolds are used.  EO # pending.  These long heads are now possible due to the upgrades @ Edelbrock factory.  Reserve yours now thru Marken Performance as these will be a hot item.  

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Flowtech Announces Headers for Jeep Wrangler JK (part # 92004-1FLT, 92004FLT) and Jeep Cherokee XJ (part # 92001-1FLT, 92001FLT) with 1 5/8" primaries via Marken Performance.  This Header is a great complement to Edelbrock's new cylinder head for the 4.0L Jeep
    Flowtech part # 92001-1FLT ceramic coated shorty headers fits 91-99 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4WD I6-4.0L, tube size 1-5/8" O.D., 2-1/2 inch collector.  Also available in black part # 92001FLT
• Tri-Y design for a broad torque curve and increased torque. Perfect for off-road and rock crawling
• High flow, mandrel-bent tubes provide consistent tubing diameters for smooth flow and increased exhaust velocity
• Heavy duty tubing and high quality welds for increased strength and durability
• Smooth transition, 1-5/8” diameter primary tubes are used for increased exhaust flow increasing performance, improving throttle response and broadening the torque curve
• Machined 3/8” header flange welded inside and out for a leak-free seal and maximum strength
• Premium aluminum header gaskets and installation hardware included  

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