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 Improve turbo response and reduce boost pressure drop/loss on the stock intake system. BD’s 6.7ltr Intake Elbow plenum is 74% larger with a 4 inch inlet and is available from Marken Performance Canada.  Convenient ports have been added for connecting to gauges, water methanol injection and other injection nozzles. The arc of the intake allows for dual CP3 fuel pump kit installation. Kit comes complete with adapting hoses, spring loaded clamps and flange gasket and a new 3.5-inch intercooler connection pipe which other kits on the market do not include in their pricing. P/N# 1041560 2008-2010 6.7ltr Intake Horn;  P/N# 1041561 2011-2012 6.7ltr Intake Horn.  P/N# 1041566 for 2013-2016 6.7ltr.
 The 6.7L X-Intake Elbow can be directly installed onto the factory air intake grid or add the BD 6.7L X-Intake Grid for superior air flow.  The 6.7ltr X-Intake Grid increase air flow with an opening that is 35% larger that is achieved by eliminating the restrictive stock cold weather intake air heater grid.  P/N# 1041564 for 2008-16 6.7ltr Dodge Cummins Grid.
  For cold weather operation, optional Intake Heater # 1041563 (2008-16 6.7L Cummins) available for use with BD 6.7L X-Flow Intake Horns.



  Improve your throttle response with BD’s large bulbous intake plenum which holds extra reserve air available to improve turbo response time on acceleration. The smooth radius turns reduces air flow turbulence.

 BD’s unique design positions the fastening bolts outside of the intake (instead of through it) also reduce airflow turbulence.  The improved turbo response time can be measured with HP when calculating time to speed.

 Two convenient ports (one pre-tapped) make it easy to monitor boost and/or inject nitrous oxide or another power adder.  Now available in both black powder coated and highly polished aluminum finishes.

  FORD Part Numbers:

 1041570      X-Flow Intake Elbow (Black) - Ford  2003-2004 6.0L
 1041570-P   X-Flow Intake Elbow (Polished) - Ford  2003-2004 6.0L
 1041577      X-Flow Intake Elbow (Black) - Ford  2005-2007 6.0L
 1041577-P   X-Flow Intake Elbow (Polished) – Ford  2005-2007 6.0L
 1090003      X-Flow Intake Elbow Black Powder Coated 2008-10 6.4L

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