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  BD Diesel Performance and sister company Valley Fuel Injection Ltd. have been servicing Western Canada and United States from our location in Abbotsford, BC for 39 years.  Quality exchange OEM turbochargers remanufactured in our shop which is fully equipped with manual and CNC lathes, high speed precision balancer, precision grinders, measuring instruments, pressure blasters and wheelabrators. 
  Specializing in Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Caterpillar, Detroit, Cummins, Komatsu, Toyota, automotive, light duty pick-up, agriculture, marine, commercial, industrial and gas & diesel applications.
  Turbochargers are available for Big Rig trucks such as: Mack, Volvo, Navistar, and these big engines: CAT, Detroit and Cummins.
  BD Diesel also has Upgraded Turbos for your Dodge, Chevy and Ford pick-up trucks.
  If your looking for something else BD Diesel has this unique "Turbo Selector" Guide to help you. For more on this guide: ClickMe 
DODGE  TURBOS  5.9/6.7L  1988-2013   200-650HP  Increase
  BD’s S400 Track Master turbocharger is focused on the Diesel market and is available in 5 different compressor flow levels from 600hp/1180cfm to 1000hp/2000cfm.  BD’s custom compressor housing bore is contour machined in-house to match the compressor wheel required.  We recommend mating a 1.25 A/R turbine housing with a T4 mount and a full Marmon outlet for all applications. Installing our T3/T4 Turbine Diverter will reduce the A/R ratio by half when boost levels are below 20 pounds for great bottom end response with no high engine rpm choking problems due to high drive pressure on smaller A/R housings. 

 Complete Turbo w/Turbine Diverter Valve & 1.25 A/R Turbine Housing
 1045650-125    R700 550-700 HP
 1045656-125    R850 700-850 HP MODIFIED 2.6 Class
 1045655-125    R850 700-850 HP
 1045660-125    R950 800-950 HP
 1045665-125   R1000 1000+ HP

   T3 default mount - add "T4" to number for T4 mount
   "-125"=1.25 A/R Turbine Housing, Change number for different A/R: "-090"=0.90


Without Turbine Housing (includes 5" inlet/3" outlet boot compressor housing) - 
R700 550-700 HP
R850 700-850 HP MODIFIED 2.6 Class
R850 700-850 HP
R950 800-950 HP
R1000 1000+ HP

Turbine Housing  (3.25 x 2.75 T4 Inlet Size) 
.90 A/R
1.00 A/R
1.10 A/R
1.25 A/R

Hardware Kit (c/w gaskets & two CHRA V-band clamps)
Turbine Outlet Clamp
Turbine Outlet Flange
    BD Diesel Launches Super R600/R650 Turbo Kits for Cummins Dodge Truck.   Billet compressor wheel equipped Borg Warner S300 series turbo with special designed exhaust turbines are the heart of BD’s R600 and R650 kits, offering the most air flow available in this sized class turbocharger. BD Engineering tested and designed these turbo kits for the Dodge 5.9L and 6.7L Sportsman Race applications with engine power increases of 125-275 HP.  Featuring 66mm and 67mm Extended tip Billet wheels that deliver up to 1250cfm, the kits also feature a 6-pad bronze thrust bearing, turnbuckle adjustable HD sprung waste gates, and BD’s straight or 90-degree compressor housings that have velocity inducers. Kits are complete for each year to enable bolting into stock mounting position and are compatible with turbo or remote mount BD’s Exhaust Brakes. 
   Kits include exhaust manifold, EGB kit, down pipe, exhaust manifold gasket set, ¾” silicone hose and assorted fasteners.  
  • Built around Borg Warner’s S300 series turbochargers
  • Power increases range from 125 to 275 horsepower
  • Deliver up to 1250 cfm of air
  • Bolt into stock locations in 5.9L and 6.7L applications
  • BD Straight & 90° compressor housing with velocity inducer.
  • 6-pad bronze thrust bearing.
  • Turnbuckle adjustable HD sprung wastegate.
  • 5.9L 4.4" half marmon turbine outlet. Compatible for bolt on Exhaust Brakes.
  • 6.7L 4" half marmon turbine outlet.
  • Kits enable turbos to drop into stock mounting position.
  • Cast, Billet, FMW Compressor Wheels.
  • Custom Borg Warner Design     
  Part #'s:
    1045132   Super B R600 Turbo Kit 2003-2007 5.9L S366/80 T3 0.80AR
    1045133   Super B R650 Turbo Kit 2003-2007 5.9L S367/80 T3 0.80AR
    1045141   Super B R600 Turbo Kit 2007.5-2012 6.7L S366/80 T3 0.80AR
    1045142   Super B R650 Turbo Kit 2007.5-2012 6.7L S367/80 T3 0.80AR

    Note: A performance module is required for all kit stages shown below. High HP Kits may need engine and transmission modifications to support the HP generated. Engine retarding can be attained with a BD exhaust brake.

   BD Diesel Rumble B Turbo Kits increases Power and Reliabilty for your 2003-16 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins.  Rumble B Turbo kits replace the stock problematic Holset turbo.  Rumble B turbo kits reduces EGTs & high turbo drive pressure!  Save your head gasket and have longer engine life.  Borg Warner Turbo S467/83 1.10 single out performs modified Holset turbos and those other add a turbo kits.  Get dyno proven 650 engine HP with stock 6.7 injectors *Tuner required* (can be installed at Marken Performance).  Optional BD Exhaust Brake utilizes factory switch.  
   For Dodge 2013-2016 6.7L Cummins Rumble B Turbo Kit use part # 1045751 (shown in pic). 
• Exclusive BD T4 Wastegate ready, race manifold. Keeps your bottom end power strong with pulse technology, while still providing a Wastegate option for protecting your charger with higher HP use and or NOS usage if needed
• BD custom intake and air box. Keeps your intake temperatures low and HP high - Avoid HP robbing heat soak and elevated intake temperatures from your engine bay
• Exclusive BD Velocity Stack 8 inch OD Air Filter out performs the competition
• Efficient and exclusive large single piece 90 Degree outlet turbocharger gives higher CFM with lower losses compared to equivalent multi piece compressor covers
• Kit comes with all supporting fasteners and hardware for a seamless install
   BD Diesel now has Cobra Twin Turbo Kits for the 2003-12 Cummins 5.9L & 6.7L available thru Marken Performance, yielding 900-1400 HP. 
  BD Diesel's engineers have designed the Cobra kit for maximum power and efficiency, while remaining compact. Clean, optimized design keeps Air Conditioning and Shock tower in stock position.
 ● Wastegate ready exhaust manifold
 ● 5" turbo outlet close-radius Cobra casting
 ● 5" Downpipe
 ● Retains passenger battery with custom mounting tray
 ● Compatible with A/C and shock tower mount
 ● 5" Velocity stack air filter with filter shroud
 ● V-band on the inlet to the secondary turbo
 ● Custom coolant tube and formed silicone hose
 ● Twin volute divided hot-pipe
   COBRA KIT Part Numbers:
 1045790: 2003-2007 5.9L S486 1.58/S467SX 1.00
 1045791: 2007.5-2009 6.7L S488SX-E 1.58/S467SX 1.10
 1045792: 2010-2012 6.7L S488SX-E 1.58/S467SX 1.10 
   Take your Duramax to the next level with BD’s SuperMax turbo system. Using the BD/AirWerks S300 turbo, the SuperMax creates enough airflow for up to 550 rear wheel horsepower (rwhp), at 40 lbs. of boost on diesel only. The unique BD/AirWerks compressor wheel creates quicker spool up, while greater overall efficiency lowers EGT’s, reduces exhaust emissions and improves fuel economy over the stock turbo system. A six-pad thrust bearing and a revised oiling system vastly increases reliability.
  Designed as a direct replacement for the stock turbo, the SuperMax system comes with everything needed for installation, including a cast-iron pedestal adapter, exhaust down pipe, oil drain tube, hoses, gaskets and hardware.
  1046200     SuperMax Kit  2001-2004 Chev Duramax LB7
  1046210     SuperMax Kit  2005-2006 Chev Duramax LLY (Need Tuner)
  1046215     SuperMax Kit  2006 LBZ (Need Tuner)
 The Ford 2003-2007 6.0L Power Stroke stock variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) has two deficiencies: variable vanes prone to sticking causing poor response and lack of performance when adding electronic modules. You can purchase one of our exchange stock units that our turbo rebuild division has redesigned which does eliminate most of the sticky vane situations (exchange units on the shelf, ready to ship), but, what about when you want the extra response after adding a performance module? 
   The old standard non-variable geometry turbochargers installed on a 6.0L Power Stroke can it give extra the mid-range to top end performance, but low engine rpm turbo-lag and high altitude operation will not be satisfactory. We learned that lesson all too well... But, unlike many others, we have learned from this and we have designed new a new technology.   BD’s exclusive design TURBINE DIVERTER VALVE provides good low engine rpm turbo response right through to peak operating rpm. With reliable and rebuild able features.
  Turbine Diverter Valve Operation:  Upon deceleration, the turbo exhaust gas drive pressures are reduced, resulting in reduced turbo rpm and boost pressures. When throttle is reapplied, turbo drive pressure has to be built up, and the result is turbo lag or that ‘fall on your face’ feeling. The turbine diverter valve directs exhaust gases into one volute of the turbine housing to achieve enough drive pressure to accelerate the turbo. By utilizing only one volute, less volume of exhaust gas is required to build drive pressure in the single volute passage of the turbine housing; therefore, the turbine wheel assembly rpm increases quicker which reduces turbo lag, faster spool up and acceleration. Once optimal boost pressure is achieved, the second volute in the turbine housing opens up for full power and less turbine restriction.
  Dual volute turbine housings allow the diverter valve to utilize just one or both of the volutes to maintain turbo pressure at different engine RPM’s. The turbine diverter valve is controlled by boost pressure for precise performance.
  The Turbocharger:  A custom BorgWarner S300 turbocharger that has extended tip technology, double-port adjustable waste gate and shrouded housing, and, can support airflow requirements all the way to 450 rear wheel horsepower, yet maintains drive ability on the street. Designed as a direct, bolt-in replacement for the stock turbo, the Turbo Thruster II kit includes everything needed for a professional-quality installation.

1047070*     2003-2007 6.0L c/w SCT Module
1047071*     2003-2007 6.0L w/o SCT Module

Do you have an earlier 6.0L Turbo Thruster unit or specialized S300 turbo that you would like to get performance out of? Why not upgrade your system with BD's exclusive Turbine Divertor Valve!
1047073**      2003-2007 6.0L Upgrade w/S300 Turbo

*Low Stall torque convertor not recommended with use of this kit
** Electronic Tuner capable of optimizing DTC's and fueling required for proper operation.

    With the 1999.5-2003 Ford 7.3L Power Stroke diesel engine, John examined each component from the bottom up to produce a durable, cost-effective unit that would stand-up to higher power and heavy-haul driving demands. We use our own version of thrust collar and back plate as well our own designed sintered brass 360-degree 6-pad thrust bearing that reduces heat build-up and increases durability. Using a proven 66/88 mm compressor wheel that is HIP’d (Hot Isostatic Pressed) improves centrifugal strength at high rotating speeds and boost pressures.  BD’s exclusive Heavy Duty Waste Gate controls maximum boost pressure. In production for over two years, the Performance Edition of our Turbo Thruster II 7.3L GTP38 replacement with 1.0 A/R turbine housing (part # 1047510) has been proven in the aftermarket on non-California engines with increased fueling by reducing exhaust temperatures and smoke levels on acceleration without surging. Outperforms the stock turbocharger and improves fuel economy! 

PART NUMBERS: 1999.5-2003 Ford 7.3L GTP38 - Pick-up only (no E-Series)
1047510      Performance Edition Turbo
1047511       "California" Edition Turbo

   BD's TP38 Turbo Thruster II for the Ford 1994-1997 7.3L provides up to a 40% increase in airflow over the stock turbo design with no compressor surging or choked-off turbine flow. The TP38 Turbo Thruster II features a proven 66/88 mm compressor wheel that is HIP’d (Hot Isostatic Pressed) improves centrifugal strength at high rotating speeds and boost pressures.  The non-waste gated 1.0 A/R turbine housing handles higher exhaust flow and eliminates the “choke” condition experienced with some turbos with .84 housings. BD’s own designed sintered brass 360-degree 6-pad thrust bearing that reduces heat build-up and increases durability. 

  Designed as a direct, bolt-in replacement for the stock turbo, the TP38 Turbo Thruster II provides cooler EGT’s and improves fuel economy. 

 Part # 1047500    Turbo - 1994-1997 Ford 7.3L TP38


Replacement cast compressor wheel (#1047000) for the stock turbochargers on 1999.5-2003 Ford 7.3L Power Strokes from BD Diesel eliminates the compressor surge that is common for these applications. By also offering more airflow at upper boost levels, this upgrade breathes new life to your stock turbo and allows for more efficient output when using mild power increasing modules and tuners.

BD’s new light weight Billet Milled 9-bladed extended tip Compressor Wheel (#1047001) has improved performance and response over our cast wheel design – the cast wheel for many years has satisfied customers for the application which eliminated a surging problem of the stock compressor wheel.  The new Billet extended tip wheel design results in:

• Quicker Spooling
• Higher Boost Pressure
• Eliminates Compressor Surging
• Reduces EGT’s
• Improves Fuel Economy
• Reduces Visible Emissions

Additional efficiencies can be achieved with our Adjustable heavy sprung Waste Gate Control (#1047002) to increase boost pressures, and, prevent leakage or creep from the stock spring compressing.

Upgrading your stock 0.84 A/R turbine housing to the BD-Power 1.00 A/R housing will also increase performance by reducing back pressure and lowering EGT's. Kit # 1047003 includes: 1047170 Waste Gate Control, 1047005 Turbine Housing as well as the Billet Wheel. 


  BD Diesel offers both stock exchange Borg Warner twin turbos and an upgraded exchange twin turbo system for the 2008-10 Ford 6.4L Power Stroke.  To achieve good EGT's with more than a 100 hp increase, our upgraded twin set comes with larger billet compressor wheels, new design compressor housing, 4-inch intake velocity stack and a custom intake system all of which will support/cool 600hp-750hp. VGT controls are serviced and tested.  For more info, call Marken Performance.


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